Transplant Trees in the Fall

The key of succesfully moving a plant or tree is less stress on the plant. To transplant trees in fall means comfortable temperatures and more. The best time of the year to transplant plants, definitely is autumn. This is because of cool temperatures and warm moist soil. Plants also require less energy as they begin to enter the early stages of dormancy. they are not focusing in above ground growth. This is perfect for root establishment you are wondering.

When you transplant trees in this season it gives your plant plenty of time to be thoroughly established and ready for the heat of summer. So, you will be allowed to see growing all the flowers that bloom in Fall.

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The trees I can transplant in Fall

Actually you can ust plant everything you need in Fall. It can be evergreen tree, shade tree, flowering tree, shrubs, perennial, or anything else. Autumn is perfect time to relocate your favorite plants.

Why you should transplant

  • When you want to move and take your beloved Japanese Maple Trees or Azaleas.
  • our trees or shrubs are growing larger than anticipated.
  • Your plant isn’t thriving because of unfavorable conditions. The area may be too sunny or shady or wet, but you have the perfect spot in another location of the yard.
  • You love the plant but not the location. You need the location for an addition or a deck.

You will have an advantage with this process. When you plant mature trees in your yard you are making a good gardening practice.

transplant trees in the fall why

How to transplant trees and shrubs in Fall

transplant trees in the fall how

The main recommendation is keeping as many roots intact as possible for a successful transplant.

  • The general rule or thumb for trees and shrubs is multiply the trunk diameter by at least 10.
  • Next, take a shovel or spade and slice through the roots all around your defined circle. 
  • After cutting the roots, dig a trench all around your sliced circle. Your trench should be close to 1 foot wide and deeper than the root ball by a couple inches.
  • Put the newly dug plant on a tarp to easily drag it to its new spot or hoist it onto a hand cart or wheelbarrow if you are working with a larger tree.

This are the basic conditions you must have for transplanting trees in autumn. But if you need to get more information, just contact us. We will answer all your questions.

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