Landscaping Cape Coral

Beautiful Landscaping in Cape Coral

We are proud to serve:
Lee County, Charlotte County, and Collier County.

With so many lawn care companies in Cape Coral, our differentiating factor is offering a lush landscape to make your home beautiful! We do not offer mowing and maintenance services!!

Here at B & C Fruit Trees and Landscape, we offer you many services to keep your yard in excellent shape.

Landscaping Services:

  • Landscape design
  • Plant installation
  • Stone pavers
  • Flower and butterfly gardens
  • Tree removal /replacement
  • Grading/land clearing
  • Rock and mulch installation
  • Landscape lighting
  • Native shrubs and trees
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Irrigation installation /service
  • Concrete curbs

Landscaping Design & Installation in Cape Coral

Shrub Planting

Beautify your garden with new shrubs of various species.

Landscape Design

We also offer some Hardscape designs such as: Outdoor fireplaces, Cobblestone walkways, Retaining walls, Backyards

Hardscape and Pavers

We can install any type of paver pathway or hardscape! Whether it's a fire pit to sit around, or pavers for landscape edging.

Low Voltage Lighting

We can install any type of low voltage lighting. Let us highlight what makes your home standout!

Rock & Mulch Installation

We do not carry stone or mulch in store, but have access to the best rock in the area!

Hardscape Designs

We offer many native and some exotic plants in our nursery

We have a wide selection of native and exotic plants for your delight. Visit Cape Coral’s largest nursery to find what you’ve been looking for.
Our team of professionals can advise you. Plus, we can help you stay within budget! Native plants help save time on maintenance in the future!
It can definitely set the tone for your landscape.

The reasons our Landscaping Services

We put our customers first at all times. Our services are highly professional. Always executed with the highest quality. You can rely on our team for prompt, timely and responsive service. We adjust to your needs and budget.

Testimonial from our clients

Edward Hotaling
Edward Hotaling
Super service, and very healthy fruit trees- highly recommend them!
Jane Evans
Jane Evans
The staff were very helpful in helping me pick out trees. I had B&C install the trees. Due to rain it took about a week to have them planted after I purchased them. B&C emailed and texted me to keep me up to date on when the trees would be planted. Santos planted and watered the trees. He answered our questions about caring for the trees. He was friendly, knowledgeable and did a great job.
David Schwein
David Schwein
Timely, installation looks great, product was a quality Sod.
Eugenio Pereira
Eugenio Pereira
Carol Ruszin
Carol Ruszin
Never new they were there. Lots of plants and many trees to pick from. It's a hidden gem.
Kathleen Cook
Kathleen Cook
They did an amazing job!! Employees are so nice and are great at what they do. Will call again for future projects!!!!
Rich Beggs
Rich Beggs
Trees are very healthy
Mark Gonzales
Mark Gonzales
Nice selections, fair pricing, good looking plants

More of our Services...

Cape Coral Landscaping

Palm Trees

We have a huge variety of palm trees. Each one of them with different size and trimming for your needs.

Landscaping Near Me Cape Coral

Mulch & Rocks

We can install mulch and rocks to make your design more dynamic.

Cape Coral Landscaping Near Me


Try to shake things up. Curbing is something dynamic that will give a nice feeling to your garden.

landscaping in Cape Coral Florida near me


Changes are good and with our landscaping services, you can make your wildest outdoor dreams come true.

Landscape Rocks

Rock n’ Roll! We do not carry rock or mulch in store, but can install all colors, shapes, and styles.

Everyday Landscaping in Cape Coral


Whether you need a few pieces or a whole pallet, we can deliver or install a new lawn for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you might think of getting a new palm tree for your yard. It might give an excellent new look, and you will have a beautiful landscape. However, once you have one, you might be wondering how to take care of it? There are many things to take into consideration. Especially since every palm tree for sale in Cape Coral is quite different, you need to learn what each tree needs. For that, we have information on each of the trees and what they need to grow tall and healthy. Likewise, you can call us to ask for our help, in case you need it. We are more than willing to answer any question and to come to your place to see what is going on.

Of course, you do. First you can fertilize, then add a layer of mulch too. These two supply the nutrients essential for your tree to grow healthy. So, the best time to do it is during any dormant season, which is November through March, or during the spring and early months of summer, from April to June. Each tree requires a different type of fertilization and mulch, but all of them need a constant moisture on the surrounding soil. If you need professional help, don’t hesitate to call us to provide you our landscaping near me service.

As you can see in our site, with more than 200 species of palm trees for sale in Cape Coral, it can be a difficult decision. Each of them has their own proper care to grow tall and healthy. Just because they are trees does not mean you should treat them the same. Of course, they all need water and fertilization (just to name a few), but there are some other things that each tree demands. With that in mind, you might be confused about which tree is better for you. That depends on factors like your localization and the weather you are in. Some types of trees do better under certain types of temperatures, and you need to consider that. Likewise, the space is also important to consider. If you do not have a wide space, there are some trees that suit you better. Or the purpose of your tree. With that in mind, you can pick the right one. And if you still have some doubts about which one to choose, our tree specialists can help you decide which one to buy.

Once you get your tree, it is important that you plant it where it needs to. This is because you want it to grow healthy. To begin with, a palm tree needs to have its roots wet if you want to transplant it right away. It is sometimes better to wait until your plant is acclimatized. You can do that by placing the potted tree in the exact area where the palm tree will be. Then, you can transplant it once it is already acclimatized. Make sure that you use great quality soil and appropriate mulch. Do not forget to water it constantly every day during the first 10 days. This is because during the first days it is vital for the tree to survive. Contact us and choose our landscaping near me services to help you improve your garden.

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