Flowers that Bloom in Fall

There’s a common misconception that one of the only flowers that bloom in fall are mums. These are sold at the entrance of home and garden stores, as well as your local grocery, unless you are far north. While we agree nature used gorgeous hues on mums, we re a happy to report a myriad of other flowers and shrubs bloom in the fall. for example, camellias   are cold weather bringing radiant blossoms to your landscape and garden. Now you will see more examples from this beautiful season.

Plenty of perennials will give your garden new life as we transition from summer to fall, and enjoy pumpkins and apple cider before we embrace the cozy hibernation of winter. Also you can combine this landscape detail when you plant mature trees in your yard.

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September / October flowers and shrubs

Just because the weather turns cold it doesn’t mean it’s time to pack your gardening tools. On the contrary, you have to learn how to lime the lawn and you can keep the color going right up until the first frost when you integrate late-season summer bloomer into your landscape and garden.

Some of our favorite flowers that bloom in september and october include these ones:

  • October Magic Orchid Camellias.
  • Dark Pink Kanjiro Camellias.
  • Autumn Moonlight Encore Azaleas.

We have a big variety of fall bloomers, but now we’ll focus in a cross-section of perennials. These plants are low maintenance and bring a bright glow to your outdoor spaces just in time to accent the jewel-toned brilliance of the leaves that usher in autumn and the beginning of winter.

flowers that bloom in fall dark
October Magic Orchid Camellias

They are compact in stature, but they are big in dramatic effect. This dwarf camellia only reaches 4-5 feet tall and 3-4 feet wide. Perfect for foundation plantings and low hedges. It has a natural conical shape that looks great in containers. And they don’t require pruning. 

This is the first chapter of this interesting information about flowers that bloom in fall. Contact us if you want more information about what to plant in the next season.

flowers that bloom in fall magic

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