Palm Trees you Haven’t Seen

Anyone who has ever visited Florida surely has seen one of the most tropical and beautiful features of the sunshine state: It’s amazing palm trees. Although they may seem the same to the unacquainted, that there are more than 2’500 species of palm trees. Almost all of them have raised in the same Florida state. Next, you will learn more about many palm trees you haven’t seen. if you want to start your landscape project, don’t miss the chance to make the best one.

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Sabal Palm

The Sabal palm was designated in 1953 as the state tree. This was approved by the Florida legislature. This palm trees also have the distinction of being the most widely distributed palm tree of the state. It grows in almost every soil and also has many uses, including food, medicine and landscaping. In the 1970 the state legislature mandated that the Sabal will be the replacement of the cocoa palm for the state seal.

Bismark Palm

Do yo want a landscape that seems like Jurassic Park? well then, this is your option. it can grow between 40 feet tall and 2o feet wide. This trees radiant mix of waxy green, tan and silver leaves make it a spectacular landscape for first time observers. it is a low maintenance, fast growing palm tree that can reach around 15 feet in just five years. its most breathtaking feature is its 20-25 foot whit fronds that form a spherical crown.

palm trees you haven't seen bismarck

Royal Palm

palm trees you haven't seen royal

When you think in “tropical” concept you might imagine the Royal palm tree. Growing a foot a year, the Royal Palm can grow a 65 feet tall and 5-10 feet wide. The Royal Palm features a long, smooth trunk, a bright green crown shaft, and fragrant yellow flowers that bloom in the summer. Royal palms need a lot of water, but at the same time it’s moderately drought-tolerant. Also is a great shade tree.

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