Palm Trees you Haven’t Seen

palm trees you haven't seen

Palm Trees you Haven’t Seen Anyone who has ever visited Florida surely has seen one of the most tropical and beautiful features of the sunshine state: It’s amazing palm trees. Although they may seem the same to the unacquainted, that there are more than 2’500 species of palm trees. Almost all of them have raised […]

How to prepare your landscape yard for summer?


How to Prepare your Landscape Yard for Summer? With the temperature rising, this means that summer is coming. This new season can cause a significant stress on your landscape. That is why it is important to start making the proper preparations, so the money, time and effort you put in your landscape is not wasted. […]

Best Trees to plant in Summer

best trees to plant in summer

Best Trees to plant in Summer With summer right around the corner here in Cape Coral, you can begin planning about improving your yard or patio’s landscape with beautiful plants and trees that suit perfectly the mood. Especially with trees. If you choose correctly, they can provide you with shade, breeze and place where to […]

7 Tips for Summer Tree Care

7 Tips for Summer Tree Care

7 Tips for Summer Tree Care Although the summer is still not here, we can definitely feel it coming. As a popular saying, we cannot avoid the fact that “Summer is coming.” And with that, the temperatures will start to rise. All these factors that summer brings can affect your trees and green areas. Take […]