Keep Snakes out of your Yard

If the mere sight of these creatures brings you a combination of fear and repulsion, and you want to learn how to keep snakes out of your yard, you have to read this post.

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Snakes are an important part of the ecosystem. Having them around can even be beneficial for getting rid of pests like gophers. However they can also cause serious injuries or death to people or pets, depending on the type of snake. The most important way to prevent snakes from coming into your yard is by making your property unsuitable for them in the first place. 

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Eliminate food sources

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your property has no food sources for snakes. Snake are carnivorous and eat small rodents, lizards, frogs, slugs, and birds. For that, be sure not to leave behind a dirty yard or trash that will attract these animals, which will ultimately attract snakes. 

Get rid of standing water

keep snakes out of your yard water

Snakes love water, so if your yard has water features or a place where water pools when it rains, then there is a chance that snakes will find it and make themselves at home there. If you don’t want this happen in your yard, ensure all your gutters are clean and functioning so that water doesn’t sit anywhere for too long.

Taking care of your garden means also avoid any species that can affect negatively to your landscaping progress. You need to know how to get rid of bamboo, too.

Remove shelter

keep snakes out of your yard shelter

You can make your property more snake-unfriendly by removing their shelter in your landscape. Snakes like to live in cold, dark areas, so get rid of any debris that might be inviting for them, such as piles of leaves, old branches, and wood piles. They also like to hide underneath rocks or logs, so these hiding places mustn’t be in your garden.

These were the firs tips we can give you for getting your yard out of snakes. Contact us now if you want more information to fight this possible pest that can ruin and be dangerous for the garden and your life.

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