Ideas for your Small Backyard

Sure, big backyards get all the attention in the home and garden magazines but your backyard deserves some luxury, too. Now you will have more ideas for your small backyard. If you want to make improvements to your garden maybe you should ask this question: Should you grow moss lawn?

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The perfect space for a pergola

You can assume a small backyard doesn’t have plenty of space for  a pergola. Well, you are wrong. Pergolas don’t have to be huge, and they work really hard out there in your valuable space, making it great ideas for your small backyard.

Get high impact plants

In a small yard everything is closer. So don’t waste space on ho-hum plants. how to landscape a small backyard? Be sure to include a couple stunners with colors and textures for a vibrant, and intriguing landscape.

Do you want a palm?

ideas for your small backyard palm

You are in luck. Not all are huge. Landscaping designs for small backyards can include a palm like a Roebelenii date palm. This petite multi-trunk palm is often used in small landscape beds. it’s perfect for tight spots where you want a tropical punch.

Follow the one-third rule

One third of your yard should be planting beds and two thirds should be lawn. When you have a smaller yard, this rule is specially handy to keep things in proportion. 

Landscape ahead for size

Landscape ideas for small backyards includes planning ahead. As you ponder plants consider the size of the trees or plants at maturity. Not just when you plant it. There is a 12 month growing season, after all.

You can use artificial turf

You should think that this is a very expensive investment. But don’t be scared! you can find very good quality options at very good price.

ideas for your small backyard turf

Plan for staggered bloom times

If you have a small yard, it’s even more important that the whole place looks great all the time. Plan your flowers and plants with staggered bloom times, so your landscape always look great with plants blooming year round. if you are not satisfied with all this information maybe you should think in why is neighbor’s yard greener?

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