Should you Grow Moss Lawn?

If you love the look of a lush green lawn but don’t enjoy the work that goes into maintaining one, a moss lawn must be for you. Moss is an excellent alternative to turf grass and is even easier to maintain. We will work you through everything you need to know for answer if should you grow moss lawn? including what it is, how to grow one, and the pros and cons. 

You should consider this option if you are always asking why is your neighbor’s yard greener?

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What is moss lawn?

As the name suggests , a moss lawn is made of moss. Most people have seen moss before but might not know you can use it to make a lawn. Moss is neither a type of grass not a low growing plant that doesn’t have roots and grows in clumps. Mosses thrive in shady and damp areas and can survive long periods without water or sunlight. They don’t have seeds, and they develop spores to reproduce, which can make growing a moss lawn confusing for beginners.

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How to grow a moss lawn?

  • Choose the right place: ensure the right conditions for the moss growing.
  • Choose the right moss: Several species of moss are available. Give preference to mosses native to your region, as they are more likely to accustom to your yard.
  • Star with a clean slate: For a healthy moss lawn, you will need to remove grass or weeds from your yard.
  • Prepare the soil: after removing your grass and debris, loosen up the top layer of soil with a rake.

Before you follow reading it’s important to learn more with a basic guide to landscaping.

  • Order the moss: You can order it online or buy it at a local nursery.
  • Water the area: Water the bare soil thoroughly before you place the moss pieces on the ground.
  • Place the moss pieces: Place them a few inches apart in the area you have selected for them.
  • Press the pieces into the soil: To ensure the moss pieces are firmly in place, gently press them into the soil and secure them using sticks or landscaping pins.
  • Lightly walk: You can do it over the moss to keep it in place and anchor it into the soil.
  • Water the moss daily: watering the moss every day until it’s established is essential.
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