Best Trees to plant in Summer

With summer right around the corner here in Cape Coral, you can begin planning about improving your yard or patio’s landscape with beautiful plants and trees that suit perfectly the mood. Especially with trees. If you choose correctly, they can provide you with shade, breeze and place where to hide out from the sun. However, one thing you need to considerate is that not all trees do well under the weather that summer provides. Some of them cannot tolerate the heat. So, you need to be careful with what kind of trees you choose. You should pick a heat-tolerant tree that really have chances of long-last in the most oppressive heat during summer. Here we present you the best trees to plant in summer.


Best Trees to plant in Summer red maple 1

This tree can grow gracefully in warm climates. Its bright green or bluish green foliage fits perfectly for the summer, where you need something colorful for your yard. Acacia requires full sunlight to grow. Once it is tall, it can give you cool shade to protect from the sun.

American Red Maple

If you are looking for a shade tree, you need to pick this one. This is a gorgeous tree that grows quickly and has beautiful red colors on its leaves that will stand out against any backdrop. Though it displays its glossy deep-red leaves during spring, in summer new leaves emerge on every branch that are of color burgundy red, while the older ones turn dark green.

Best Trees to plant in Summer red maple 2


buckeye tree

The Buckeye is known for being a beautiful ornamental tree. It is a stunning deciduous tree that shows deep red flowers, and it is ideal as a large shade tree. This tree is widely popular among gardeners because of its small and square size and early flowering. When growing, it will need a lot of water, but it can also stand heat well.


What makes this tree so attractive is that it is trouble free and can become a great addition to your landscape. It can be found in a wide range of climate zones, and it grows fast. Although this tree prefers the snow, which gives a beautiful look and is an excellent windbreak, it can adjust to the heat too.


Best Trees to plant in Summer juniper

This tree is an evergreen coniferous plant which height varies according to the different varieties there exists. Growing this type of tree is not difficult. And what is best is that it can work as a shrub with a flat or a mounded form, or a tall, evergreen tree for a sunny spot in your garden. As we said, its many varieties make it perfect for what you choose.

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As this is an easy tree to take care, it is the favorite of many gardeners. This tree ranges from 4-foot to over 100 feet. What is good about this tree is the classic scent it has that can go wafting through your yard while the sun blazes down the place. It can last through all the hot summer and into winter.

Best Trees to plant in Summer pines

Northern Catalpa

northern catalpa

This tree will quickly grab anyone’s attention if placed in your garden. It is a large tree with white, showy flowers and massive heart-shaped leaves. It can easily grow in hot dry soils. So, though it can tolerate moist soils, it is more suited for dry areas. It can grow to 40-to 70-foot and has a lifespan of 60 years.

Silver Linden

This is tree is perfect for cityscapes, commercial landscaping plans and large backyards. It is known for being dry-tolerant, but it can also survive through cold weather conditions. This is why it has a very adaptable nature and easy-care requirements. What you will see during early in the summer are the small clusters of yellow flowers form.

silver linden

As you can see, there are trees that can develop well under hot weather conditions. Of course, you will need the help of Tree Services in Cape Coral to maximize the lifespan of your tree. So, always make sure that you call for the best Tree Services Cape Coral to take care of your tree and to teach you how to do it correctly. Our nursery of Palm Trees in Cape Coral is the best place to ask for these services and buy the best trees to plant in summer. Don’t hesitate to call us!

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