If you have large patios or gardens that you want to shade, trees can be an alternative. They will add freshness, attractiveness and beauty to the place. But, What Type Of Tree Should You Buy For Your Garden? The experts at Landscaping Cape Coral bring you the answer.

Whether You Want Shade

If you want to shade the place, and you don’t want to have canopies around, you can plant deciduous or evergreen trees. Keep in mind the distances at which they are planted. Always leave at least three or four meters between them. Check the type of roots so that the roots do not damage the foundation. Finally, choose trees with less invasive roots such as maple, melia, koelreuteria or albizia, among others. Avoid trees such as birch, poplar, ash, beech, elm or horse chestnut. Remember that if you water frequently, the roots will not spread out so much in search of water.

If you want to beautify the entrance

Putting a tree at the entrance will give a frame to the house and beautify your property. The style of the house can give us some clue as to which tree we need. For example, if we have the parking lot in the driveway, trees will offer a nice view, shade the cars. Pay attention to the spaces between trees. Keep in mind

the dirt that can be generated by flowering trees at the time they can fall on your vehicle.

An ideal tree to plant in the garden, which does not generate a lot of work or maintenance are the Palm Trees Cape Coral. There are several different types of palms that can fit very well in your garden. They can also create beautiful, low-maintenance landscapes. The palm is ideal for almost any structure.

When we decide to plant palm trees in our garden, we must consider multiple options. You may be wondering “what can I do?” “how do I know if the tree I like is the right one?” “where can I find a Landscaping Near Me?” We know that many questions are going through your mind. But if you are looking to improve your landscape, at Cape Coral we have great landscaping professionals.  They are sure to do wonders for your space.