We want to plant arbole in your garden and you still don’t know which one to choose. Did you know that you should be aware of the type of soil? If you are wondering “What Soil Is The Right For My Tree?” and “where can I find Tree Services Near Me that will help me?” then you are in the right place. The experts at Tree Services Cape Coral have a few tips for you.

Check the Soil

What Soil Is The Right For My Tree in Cape Coral

It is very important to know the characteristics of your Landscaping Cape Coral soil. Especially when choosing tree species and other ornamental plants. Usually it is not taken into account and people plant everything in all types of soils without distinction. The result is planting failures.For example, planting an Oak, a Chestnut, a Camellia requires an acid soil with pH less than . In alkaline soils, where the pH is higher than 7, the leaves will turn yellow and eventually die over the years.

Clay soil

Beware of waterlogging! This type of soil is prone to this. There are trees that can withstand clay soils that have poor drainage. See this list of trees in Cape Coral and plants suitable for clay soils.

Sandy Soils

In sandy soil, the opposite is true. This type of soil is very dry, retains little water and requires more watering. In addition, a sandy soil is poor in mineral nutrients and needs more fertilizer than a clay soil. Choose trees from Mediterranean or sub-desert areas. They can withstand hot, dry summers without irrigation. Palm trees are also very suitable for such soils.

Intermediate Texture

What Soil Is The Right For My Tree in Cape Coral

It is best to have this type of soil in our garden as it is suitable for practically all trees.

It is very important to know the soil to know if your tree will withstand it. Take into account these two tips:

1. A soil rich in organic matter is rich in nitrogen. In other words, the more manure, mulch or peat, the more nitrogen it will have.

2. A clay soil contains more nutrients than a sandy soil.  Choose the soil that best suits your soil.

If you are still unsure, we recommend you ask the experts in Cape Coral. You are sure to find the advice you need and you will be able to make your garden an exquisite but sustainable landscape.