What Palm Trees Grow Faster?

If you are looking the best palm trees for your garden, don’t forget to have this question in your mind: What palm trees grow faster? Obviously we want to enjoy the brilliant green lush as fast as possible. But we must think in creating overhead canopies that act like delicate understory species protection. for all these purposes fast-growing palms are the best decision you can take. next you will see some palm tree varieties. Select the one you prefer.

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The King Palm

The keys for having a great performance in the growing process of this palm tree are these ones:

  • Providing rich soil.
  • Having plenty of nutrients.
  • Providing partial sunlight.
  • Constant routine watering.

So, you will have an adult palm tree with around 25ft around 10 years old. this species reach a maximum height of 40ft. This kind of trees will only stay inside when they are young because their trunks are made for growing in big terrain extensions. But if you take these recommendation you will protect the plants from cold temperatures and poor weather conditions at their must vulnerable age. When they reach their highest point can withstand temperatures down the 28F°.

what palm trees grow faster king

Carpentaria Palm

This is a native plant from Australia. It’s very popular in Florida because can be part of every landscapes preferably in high temperatures. This variety prefers tropical climates. They grow in better conditions when it’s situated in full sun or middle shade. If they have the right environment and cares can grow up to 50ft tall.

If you keep these palm trees with the right conditions of good soil and a warm, moist climate they can shoot upwards around 6 ft a year average. That’s the reason why we consider this is one of the most fastest growing trees of all the species.


what palm trees grow faster carpentaria

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