Ways A Tree Can Damage Your Home

When you are about to design your beautiful landscape, you imagine having a big tree with many different plants around it. Especially the palm trees in Cape Coral. Purchasing the right one for your home will enhance its whole look. However, as it can be a beautiful plant, it can also be highly destructive. Due to many circumstances, any tree in Cape Coral can grow big and healthy. But at a certain point, it can become dangerous to your home and family. So, if you have a tree at home, these are the ways a tree can damage your home. It is better to pay attention to them.

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Tree Roots

As it is known, your tree roots are essential for your tree’s health. Roots absorb and transport water and minerals from the soil to the rest of the tree. They are vital for the tree, and without proper care, your tree might not make it.

So, it might be surprising that they can also cause some damage to your property. To begin with, one of the things that are more difficult when removing a tree is the root. Because of their strength, the roots can move the soil and any house materials as they begin to grow.

You can plant a tree, but if not placed in the right location, the roots can weak some points in your foundation when growing. Furthermore, these roots can also break down some of your plumbing pipes. You need to pay attention to any sign of unexplainable puddles of water. In any case, you require the help of a professional tree service to advise you about the proper location of the tree (before planting it) and to know how to remove it.

ways that tree roots damage your home

Dead Trees

If you have a tree, it is because you want to enhance the look of your tree. So, what happens if you are dealing with a dead tree that has not been removed yet? This is a problematic issue. It may sometimes happen that you don’t realize that the tree is dead. It would help if you kept a close eye on its health. For example, one significant sign of a tree in danger is when it has cracks.

Due to a storm or old age, the trunk has a big crack in it. When this happens, the tree is at risk of falling soon. It can even fall over your home, thus, endangering your house, family, and any living being in there. Of course, you can deal with the restoration, but it is better safe than sorry. Look for any sign that your tree might be dead or damaged, and call an expert tree removal service Cape Coral to deal with it.

Unwanted Guests

Ways A Tree Can Damage Your Home unwanted guests

Having a tree is an excellent choice for your garden. But it is not just a matter of choosing a tree and then planting it. There is more than that.

You also need to consider pest control. Though it may be something not so familiar to your tree, it sometimes happens that some trees can bring pests to your home. And these wreak havoc on it.

On the other hand, there are other ways a tree can damage your home. Some trees can also bring animals like squirrels, owls, or termites. If you have some squirrels, it might not represent a problem. Of course, you need to keep an eye on where they are jumping and going. Some squirrels can dig into your roof and make their way into the foundation of your home. But some termites can jeopardize your tree’s health. In the case of termites, you’d better think about removing the trees or at least trimming the branches that have been infested with termites. Any indication that the tree expert gives, it is better to follow their advice.

Falling Debris

As has been specified before, it is normal for trees to drop their leaves and lose some of their bark and twigs during the year. Unlike the other situations, the falling of some barks and twigs is a synonym of a healthy tree, and it usually means that it is a time for a trim. So, you need to keep an eye on your tree because this falling debris can cause serious issues if it begins to collect in your gutters. Why in your gutters? Because it is located on your roof and it is used to direct excess water away from your house, if there is debris from the tree, the water won’t flow as it is supposed to.

What will happen is that it will flow over the side of the gutters and down the exterior of your house. This can affect your whole house since you can experience some water damage to your siding, foundation, and roof. Then first, you need to clean your gutters every season. After that, you should also get your tree trimmed. If not, it will keep accumulating debris. Take care of your gutters to avoid water damage.

Overgrown Branches

Though it is most common to see trees damaging your house roof when the tree is overgrown, it can also damage the sides of your house. It sometimes happens that the branches get too long. This is because you have not been trimming and pruning your tree correctly.

So, these branches begin to scrape the exterior of your house, damaging your siding. Your house materials can crack and warp, and while it may not seem too serious, it can become dangerous over time. To avoid this damage, you can hire a palm tree trimming in Cape Coral, Fl. Likewise, it is better to schedule inspections at least twice a year when hiring this service. All this prevention will help you take care of your house and tree. It is okay for the tree to grow big and healthy. But it needs to grow in the right direction without damaging anything.

Ways a Tree can damage your home overgrown branches

Keep an eye on your tree and the ways a tree can damage your home!

While trees are a great addition for your house, they can also cause some problems if not taken good care. Your tree can put you at some trouble, or can endanger your family and house. It is better to constantly check it and pay special attention to any sign that can indicate something worse is going on.

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