Vegetables from the Fall Gardens

Just because there comes the fall it doesn’t mean we won’t have food growing. In fact there are several leafy green vegetables that thrive in cold weather. Some of these plants are transplanted in mid-to-late summer and some are sown by seed, depending on the location. Now we will learn more about the different ways to thrive the most common vegetables from the fall gardens.

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Why is fall gardening different?

Simply, some plants do better when it’s not blazing hot. In extremely hot temperatures fall vegetables go to seed, called bolting. Or in the most of cases they get killed by temperatures that are too hot.

The benefit of planting a fall garden is that the soil is already warm, which encourages seed germination and root development. In general rainfall in fall is perfect for keeping treatment in seedlings and plants moist. However we recommend you to water if there’s no rain for a week or more.

In many ways fall gardening is similar to Spring in that you are always trying to out-guess mother nature. Dodging killing frosts and freezes is almost the same. Vegetables that thrive in fall season are cool season crops.


This leafy vegetable falls into the superfood category, chock full of vitamins K, A, and C, also antioxidants. Chard leaves come in green and in a rainbow of colors. Another attribute consists in its capability to be planted in gardens or containers in spring. It can be harvested in summer and lastly in fall. The rainbow chard works great like an ornamental plant in containers, too.

vegetables from the fall gardens chard


vegetables from the fall gardens collard

This large, leafy vegetable plants have been in the menu for more than 2,000 years in Africa, Portugal, Brazil, Greece, and many other countries. Slaves in the southern United States grew collards years round in their gardens to supplement their diets. Their eves are rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins.

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