Tips For Summer Landscape and Garden

The tips for summer landscape and garden are necessary when comes the change of season. You need to prepare for taking new cares for your plants and green zones. 

Summer is the perfect season to take advantage of the strong condition that the trees acquire. This feels in the foliage, the roots and the beautiful blooms that keep since spring season.

Next you will learn the best tips about the planting cares of this summer. You will not just survive to the change of season but you will have the mos beautiful landscape of the neighborhood.

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Begin to work in Spring

tips for your summer landscape spring

You need to prepare with anticipation your summer garden cares. When the spring arrives it’s the perfect time for making all the landscaping chores. This will assure the lawn will be bright and green all season long. 

These are the main tips you must follow to keep your garden in the best condition:

  • Apply herbicides that prevent the summer plagues.
  • When you have constant lingering fall you must remove everything.
  • Look for a safe pesticide. Preferably and organic product.
  • Seed all the grass areas that have become patchy because of spring and winter.

Keep on mind the correct watering schedule

This is the most important aspect of the summer planting care. Proper watering will keep fresh and green all your garden. The ideal hour for watering is between 4 and 8 a. m. This is the key for avoiding the evaporation loss during the day.

To make a deep watering technique will give you a better performance. the best form to use it is applying for a long time in slow movements. So, all the root zone will be saturated with water.

The amount of water you need to use depends on the kind of trees. If you are watering shrubs, maybe you will need at least 1 feet deep. But if you need it for palms or another trees you need to water until 3 feet the soil.

We gave you information of this main tips for landscaping in cape coral. But if you want to have a better advisory contact us. 

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