Tips for Water-wise Landscaping

Due to recent heatwaves and wide-sread drought conditions across the U.S. many states are implementing water restrictions around their communities. This is causing many homeowners to look for alternatives through traditional landscaping and begin incorporating Xeriscapes practices into their yards. This will work for you like tips for water-wise landscaping.

While these restrictions can feel very strong, too many greenery-loving residents in areas experiencing these droughts, this is the chance to learn more about the benefits Xeriscape landscaping has on your yard, your wallet and your future.

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What is Xeriscaping?

When you hear the term Xeriscape, most people think on dry, uninspiring yards filled with unmanicured desert native plants. Well, certainly this is an option for a drought tolerant landscape , it is not the only option. In fact there are Xeriscape stunning designs, lush vistas of unique and useful trees and plants. 

Xeriscaping is the process of creating an attractive low-maintenance landscape while using plant material that only requires minimal water. This landscaping trend became popular quickly in many arid regions and areas where water usage is a premium. 

Cacti, succulents, agaves, aloes and other xerophytes are common place in many xeriscape design. The design ethos is not exclusive to these plants. You can create a beautiful water-wise yard or garden with a variety of drought tolerant plants, trees, ground covers, and succulents. All while prioritizing water conservation.

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When starting with Xeriscaping in your yard?

The transition from your current landscaping to Xeriscape might seem like a daunting task, but it is fairly simple as long as you have a bit of knowledge and a good eye for design.

The key to implementing Xeriscape practices into your yard is understanding water efficiency with your landscape. Water is an incredibly valuable resource and Xeriscape landscaping allows you to conserve that resource while enjoying a beautiful yard.

Do you want to learn more about Xeriscapes and wise-water landscaping? Call us and receive the most complete service.

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