The Most Poisonous Plants

Plants have been used as a source of nourishment (their fruits and some leaves) and as a treatment for ailments from ancient times. Prior to technological advance, humans had to distinguish the benefits of each individual by experimentation with themselves and putting their own lives in danger, as intake of the most poisonous plants can be fatal.

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Oleander nerium

Every part of this plant is packed of toxins, making it the most dangerous plant on the planet. Oleander and neriine are the most potent. The poison of an oleander is so potent that it can even poison someone who eats honey made by bees that have ingested oleander nectar.

The tree of death

It’s native to Mesoamerica and the Caribbean sea islands. The chamomile of death is also known as the tree of death. Its fruit has a pleasant smell and a lovely apple-like appearance. But don’t trust in it! because it’s highly toxic. Also it’s harmful to humans and maybe all mammals. That’s the reason of its name “the most dangerous tree in the world”. A milky sap (contains phorbol) is created when you scratch the tree which produces burning. Then inflames the skin tissues, and causes blisters and eruptions in the epidermis.

the most poisonous plants death

Snakeroot, White

White snakeroot, a seemingly harmless plant, was responsible for the death of Abraham Lincoln’s mother Nancy Hanks. White Snakeroot is a North American herb that produces flat-topped clusters of little white flowers and contains trematol, a poisonous alcohol.  Animals graze on this plant from time to time, producing deadly milk for its consumers. Indeed the toxin can pass to humans through poisoned cattle meat and milk.

the most poisonous plants snakeroot

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a type of vegetable oil that comes from Ricin. Sometimes known as the infernal fig tree, is an African bush with a thick, woody stem and crimson or dark purple leaves, which are frequently covered in ricin, a very deadly white powder.

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