Planting from Nursery Pot

If you have your palm trees into a nursery pot or any kind of planter, maybe you need to think in change it to grow better into the ground. All this depends on the zone you are living. The best months for transplanting is the late winter season. This is because the roots grow faster in the warmer seasons. You should do it in the late hours of day, too, when it’s not extremely hot. Next you will see more recommendations for planting from nursery pot to the ground.

You must be prepared when the palm passes by the experience that is known like “transplant stun or shock“. This happens from the combination of the next factors:

  • Air to the roots.
  • Different soil types.
  • Watering regiments.

For limiting the stun of your palm put it in the area for 7 days proceding to the transplanting. If you follow this step the plant will be more acclimated in areas like shade, specific sun, temps, and will help prevent as much trauma.

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Choose an area in the yard

The first thing you have to do is in-vision the palm tree in its new area. You should put it in its nursery pot or container before transplanting. Have in mind the measure of light it will get around there. Be sure if your palm needs full sun or if favors by fractional sun or shade.

Dig the area for your tree

planting from nursery pot area

The gap you reserve ought to be double the distance across of the pot or container.

Think about the dirt

planting from nursery pot dirt

First verify what kind of soil you have in your yard. Like palms prefer fast draining soil, including sand can support this too much. The palm roots will finally need to become acclimated to the dirt of your yard regardless of whether to apply the natural soil blend when planting. Probably combining them will limit the transplant stun to some degree.

These were the first steps you must follow for making a good planting from nursery pot to the ground. If you need more advisory pleas contact us. We have the best service in Florida.

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