Our Top Ten Palm Trees

We are in a zone that is known for their beautiful beaches, tropical water and amazing trees. You can find a lot of species for our top ten palm trees. But now, we are going to see some examples that we admire for their special beauty. 

But really it’s not so difficult to tell the difference between the palm trees you can find near. You can find the differences looking at their trunks, fronds and size. 

You can find dozens of different variety in this place. Some trees are shaped like fans or pineapples. And others are shaped like cascading, long and feathery fronds. When you are arriving to the coasts you begin to see more tropical palms, like the coconut plants.

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The best trees you can find

The Cabbage Palm

This is a variety that comes from southern US, Bahamas and Cuba. You can see them in Florida, North Carolina and Texas. The “zone pushers” usually plant them in Delaware and Maryland, too. 

This plant can grow in desert conditions. but we can see them in flooded, swampland and shady climate, too. This variety has a brown trunk tanned that seems like a boot. It has a long crisscross pattern that combines with a smooth, light brown color around all the trunk. This goes towards along the tree arriving to the top.

our top ten palm trees cabbage

This tree has a green shining long leaves, too. It gives the tropical look that you can see in all these plants. You can see a lot of grey flowers that make this variety very popular. Around them you can see their edible black fruits.

Another trees you can recognize

our top ten palm trees other

This is a list of another trees you can recognize near your home, around the beach and almost everywhere:

  • Bismarck palm tree
  • Canary Island date palm
  • Chinese fan palm
  • Mexican palm tree
  • Coconut palm
  • Paurotis palm
  • Queen palm
  • Pindo palm
  • Bottle palm tree.

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