Insects and Diseases in Trees

You have many options when the plants infest with insects and diseases in trees. Some of these options are completely natural. When you apply these kind of basic maintenance you will see that they will become healthier. And it’s very precise that if you want to have less infestations with insects and diseases this will happen with more healthy palm trees. This is a list of some good habits you can maintain to keep safe your landscape plants.

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Keep your palm trees away from debris

Usually you can do this task in winter season. That’s the time that creepy crawlies usually get out from their resting habits. They are hungry and will go for hunting your plants before spring. The dormant eggs are lying in leaves and dead material from your palm trees yard. The yard debris also house some fungal spores.

insects and diseases in trees pest

You don’t need chemical products to remove yard waste along with their pest and disease. You just need a proper maintenance of your garden place where your trees are growing. that’s all. Now you can be more safe from this issues. When you let to grow all the debris from pruning, weeding, or raking, this is the beginning of new life forms. The larvae, worms, bacteria and other love the dark and warm protection of the piles of dead leaves and twigs. In the process of organic matter decomposing is where insects and other diseases find their more proper habitat. 

insects and diseases in trees debris

But remember that these organisms are essential to another important processes for your garden health. With the decomposing material where the insects live and feed you can begin the creation of mulch or compost. Always let them away from you plants. The invasive pests and diseases are constantly breeding there.

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