Spring is here. For some it is the most beautiful time of the year. However, it brings us some challenges. It turns out that spring weather can be detrimental to our garden. Therefore, we must take into account some aspects to take care of the garden with the arrival of spring. Join the experts of Landscaping Cape Coral to learn How To Take Care Of Your Garden During Spring.

Basic care for the garden in spring

Clean up the garden

Remove leaf debris, petals, seeds or wilted flowers to oxygenate the soil. Sweep up leaves, remove seeds and debris and plow the first layers of soil. Also remove weeds. They can take nutrients from healthy species that are just about to bloom at this time of year.

Prune the plants

Spring is the ideal season for pruning. This will help your plants grow bigger and better during this time.


Mow your lawn! It will grow green and shiny. Mowing the lawn weekly causes the soil to lose nutrients. So make sure you have plenty of fertilizer. 

How To Take Care Of Your Garden During Spring

Don’t water your lawn during the hottest hours of the day.

It is better to do it during the first hours of the day. Also, it can be during sunset. Water evaporates less than during the central hours of the day. So forget about watering your garden in the middle of the day.


Fertilizing in early spring encourages root and leaf growth. It also helps plants to replenish minerals and recover from the cold endured during the winter.


Some flowers are sown in spring. Take advantage of this time to sow semobrarpetunias, lilies or roses.

Unfriendly bugs 

Aphids, mites, worms, slugs and snails attack plants. So keep an eye on your plants and take corrective measures.

Wood chips

Throw a very thin layer of wood shavings. This will be like an extra natural protection. It will also help support plant roots, retain moisture and prevent weed growth.

The care of our garden is indispenable. No more wondering “where can I find a Landscaping near me?” In Cape Coral there is a leading landscaping company that will make your yard the best in the community.