When felling trees, it is essential to use proper work techniques. You must create a safe working environment and be very efficient. To avoid anything going wrong, we recommend hiring Tree Services Cape Coral. If you still want to do it yourself, follow these simple steps from How To Safely Remove A Tree From Your Property.

How To Safely Remove A Tree From Your Property

Preliminary Planning

The experts at Landscaping Cape Coral tell us that everything must be carefully planned. Especially if you’ll be using tools like a chainsaw.  Plan the felling and the forestry equipment you’ll be carrying. Check for any major obstacles in the area. Distribute warning signs, especially if there are many passersby.

Check the direction of fall

Determine the direction of fall by studying the tree carefully. In this case we will apply some physics! What do the branches look like and how do they grow? Also consider the direction of the wind. Clear the area around the direction of fall.

Prune the trunk

First place the warning signs in the direction of fall.  Check that you have enough fuel. Then prune, so you get rid of any larger branches that may be in the way.

Decide on the cutting technique

Once you  prune the trunk to shoulder height, it’s time to make the felling cut. The cutting technique you should use depends on the size of the tree. 

Check the tree for disease

If you observe that the wood is no good and soft, the tree may be sick, so be careful. If so, cut in the direction of the natural fall of the tree.


Always choose the appropriate tools. If you are unsure, it’s time to ask the experts in the field.

If you are determined to remove that tree at Cape Coral, but are wondering “where do I find Tree Services Near Me?” It’s time to do a little research. You’re sure to find the best company. Validate it! Make sure they are certified and insured.