Highest Demand Palms in 2022

The highest demand palms in 2022 fluctuated through the year peak landscaping months, availability and landscaping design trends. Tracking the to selling wholesale palm trees and knowing what other landscaping companies are ordering is a great way to make sure you don’t run into shortages. Also remember that when you choose your preferred plant it’s time to decide if you are going to plant mature trees in your yard. If you want lo learn more about which plants have been the most popular during this year, here you will get all you need to now.

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Serenoa Repens (Saw Palmetto)

In the recent years we see frequent droughts, and a renewed focus on an efficient water management. So, the demand of saw palmettos has steadily improved. With this resilient and drought tolerant plant that’s also native to he Southeast US states. Make this choice for a no-brainer and a wide variety of landscape designs. It’s no wonder that the saw palmetto is one of the top selling wholesale palms trees for this year.

Serenoa Repens 'Cinerea' (Sliver Saw Palmetto)

The silver and more exotic version of the saw palmetto palm trees s a close second across all southern states, chosen by its versatile use cases. In addition to be a drought tolerant palm, the silver version can also sustain in the cold and offer high salt tolerance. They requiere very little changes or adjustments to the soil and their distinct color offers a wide range of landscape design combination opportunities.

Another factor you must consider when you are choosing your preferred palm trees is how trees change in seasons.


highest demand palms in 2022 silver

Sabal Palmetto (Cabbage Palm Trees)

highest demand palms in 2022 cAbbage

This is another great option for the magical southern look. Sabal palmetto palm trees are a go-to-option for a kind of premium residential properties. With the rising number of single and multifamily residential projects, the demand for Cabbage palm trees also seems to be going up. Their ability to sustain in both drought as well as wet and cold weather make them ubiquitous across the states. The hardiness of cabbage palms and their adaptability for even below freezing temperatures literally makes them a palm tree for all seasons. 

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