High Altitude Landscape Plants

If you want to add to your landscape elevation gardens, usually you will have unique challenges. The high altitude landscape plants have widely differences from those in the sea level like:

  • The growing seasons.
  • Moisture levels.
  • Soil conditions.
  • pest control.

This will make more tricky this work. A vital part of establishing a succesful garden higher up is choosing the right kind of plants that thrive in this high altitude landscapes.

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Why does it matter high altitude?

The altitude is an important factor in plants ecology aspects. High elevations are exposed to rough weather and harsh growing conditions for the plants. slopes are generally hard to keep watered, but with swiping winds, intense sunlight, low temperatures, and shorter growing seasons, it can be tough to maintain a nice landscape. Now we will see some factors you can have in mind for taking care of this kind of plants.

Low temperatures
high altitude landscape plants low

It’s caused by a lot of air movement. Another factors that affect this are the drier wind and low air pressure. All this is going to slow down the plant growth. Some plants will even stop grow in winter. Colder air and low soil temperatures also lead to a short growing season.

Sunlight and radiation levels

This happens when thinner air in higher landscapes creates an unfavorable environment to plants to grow. The scorching sun shines longer at high elevations, and the high solar radiation level can cause significant tissue damage.

Low oxygen levels
high altitude landscape plants oxygen

This directly impacts root growth. Plant needs oxygen for aerobic respiration and having a limited supply will cause stress.

High precipitation

It will due to the air’s inability to retain moisture creates a highly humid environment.

Limited nutrition

The low nutrition and unfriendly soil conditions greatly affects plant growth. 

Now you know some factors you must consider before making your high altitude landscape plant project. Contact us if you have more questions. We have the best advisory service.

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