Get rid of Caterpillars in your Yard

Surely caterpillar are very cute, especially those ones that morph into the beautiful butterflies that we all recognize and love. But there’s something not so cute, the destruction that these precious critters can inflict into your yard. Here you will learn some tips about how to get rid of caterpillars in your yard. 

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Signs of a caterpillar infestation

Some types of caterpillar are brightly colored and stick out like sore thumbs in the foliage of plants. Others may blend in with their surroundings, or simply don’t come out during the day. Regardless, there are ways of identifying a caterpillar infestation. So this is the beginning to get rid of them, without eventually seeing the little critters.

Here are some common signs to identify you have a caterpillar infestation:

  • A patchy, brown, and rapidly declining lawn.
  • Eggs on the host plant.
  • Leaf damage on your vegetables and flowers.
  • Caterpillar droppings.

It's time to get rid of caterpillars

Remove by hand

You can get rid of tomato hornworms, gypsy moth larvae, bagworms, armyworms, and other harmful insect larvae by removing them with your gloved hands. Take extra precautions getting rid of tent caterpillars, as they have tiny hairs that can inflict itchy, painful rashes. collect their webs or nests, with gloved hands, drop them into a bag, tie it off, and dispose of them.

get rid of caterpillars in your yard remove
Natural insecticides
  • Neem oil.
  • Organic bacillus thuringiensis.
  • Pepper and garlic mixtures.
  • Chili spray.
  • Vinegar solutions.
Habitat modifications
  • Create a bird friendly habitat.
  • Utilize companion plants.
  • Lay row covers.
  • Tie burlap around trees.

Prevent caterpillars in your yard

  • Attract natural caterpillar predators to your yard.
  • Apply soapy water to vulnerable plants.
  • Place cardboard or tin foil, to repel caterpillars.
  • Make good watering and fertilizing practices.

These were the basic tips you must know to get rid of caterpillar in your yard. If you want to have a personalized advisory, you just have to contact us. 

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