Drought Tolerant Plants

Summer can be rough for landscapers. The last thing a customer envisions is for their plants to get increasingly droopy, fragile, and lose their vivid colors. This means landscapers need to work harder to manage the effects of drought that can last anywhere from weeks, months to years. Luckily there are drought tolerant plants that are sturdy enough to handle the dog days of the season.

Equally important, you are not sacrificing aesthetics for practicality. There is increasing demand for drought tolerant plants that you can find in all sizes and  shapes. Next, you will see some of the nicest plants we choose for you.

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Perennial peanut or Golden glory

This perennial and forage plant is usually got for groundcover. It is native from South America and has yellow gold blossoms. It can also be a good ornamental option that can survive flooding. No wonder it has been highly recommended by experts for drought control. Also its legume tastes like peanut butter and is a great source of protein. It is also grown under coconut and banana trees.


drought tolerant plants buttonsage

This shrub has flowers in bunches with small petals from white to lavender. This shrub also blooms all year long. It’s an evergreen shrub woody and native from Florida, so it is perfectly adapted to this area. the attractive birds who eats their fruits make them very attractive for the odd hummingbird.

Society garlic, Sweet garlic and Spring bulbs

These tender perennials have flowers that are lilac-pink and smell like hyacinths at the beginning of summer. They grow up at about 12-20 inches. They are indigenous from southern Africa. Both the flowers and the plants are edible and are a creative alternative to chives and garlic.

This is just an introduction to the Xeriscape fantastic world. If you need more information or you want to learn more about these drought tolerant plants don’t doubt to contact us. We have the best professionals that will give you a personalized advisory.


drought tolerant plants garlic

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