Dos and Don’ts of Tree Care

When it comes to take care of your tree, there is a lot that it is involved, and that you should know. Let’s say that you buy palm trees in Cape Coral, it is not just a matter of watering and fertilizing it. If you want your trees to be healthy and beautiful for many years, there are certain things you need to do. At the same time, there are some other things you should not dot, since it can be detrimental for your tree’s health. Given that we live in an area like Cape Coral, you need to pay attention to the weather and surroundings, and begin with the proper care for your yard. Here are some dos and don’ts of tree care.

Do prune your trees

This is an important aspect you need to see when it comes to your tree. Just imagine that there are any dead, damaged or diseased branch around it. It can be dangerous for you and your house as well.

Likewise, what if your tree is starting to encroach on a nearby property? That is also not good for anyone. If that is that case, then, it is probably time to prune your tree. It will help you see if your tree’s branches are healthy, and it will be safer for anybody.

dos and don'ts of tree Care services for pruning

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Don’t trim your trees too often

As it is mentioned in the previous reason that it is important to prune your tree, you should also be careful not to trim it too often. Some homeowners do not realize that when they are constantly removing branches and limbs of the tree, it can actually cause a bad effect on it which is shortening their tree’s life. It is not a matter of pruning it as soon as a new season arrives, but to just prune and trim it every once or twice a year, especially during spring. If done sporadically, it will stimulate an optimal growth.

Do look for any pests or tree diseases

Don't let any pests or tree diseases

Due to many environmental aspects, tree pests tend to appear within trees and any kind of plants. For example, there are the defoliators like the gypsy moth or the western tent caterpillar, which are very destructive. Or another species like the wood borer like the emerald ash borer or bark beetles.

Any kind of plague can seriously damage your tree and stop it from growing healthy or living longer. This is why it is important for you to really know about all kinds of pests and the signs of diseases on trees. Keep in mind that the sooner you spot a sign, the greater chance you have to contact a professional service to stop it.

Don’t plant trees too close to each other

Perhaps you have some images about how a garden or yard should look like. There is a row of trees, one next to the other, so it can form a beautiful landscape. However, that is actually detrimental for your tree. When it comes to a tree, it needs space to grow healthy. You need to remember that it won’t always be small. When you buy palm trees for sale in Cape Coral, any kind of species will grow and their limbs and roots too. Of course, you can have more trees in your yard, if that is what you are looking for. You only need to remember to give them the proper space.

Do buy trees that match your area

It may happen that have seen a beautiful tree over the TV, and you want to buy the same to plant in your garden. Nevertheless, you should remember that trees only thrive in a specific area.

Trees only grow healthy and tall according to their surroundings too, it sometimes is not enough the care you give. If you plant a tree, which is not used to the location or the region, it can be a waste of money and space. You should ask any professional service to help you choose the one that suits you the best.

Tree care: What to do and don't do

Don’t plant trees too close to any power lines

This tip we give you is a key one for you. Let’s say for a moment that you choose a place to plant your tree, without taking into consideration any other aspect. But it turns out that the bigger it gets, the closer it is to a power line. Now, what will happen when a bad storm comes? You are likely to lose power during it, due to the tree. This happens because any tree limbs that is near a utility line or a roadway can cause damage to it. And it is not only your house, but others. You should be aware of that and pick the best place for your tree.

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Do ask for help when removing a large tree by yourself

do ask for help when removing a large tree by yourself Dos and Don’ts of Tree Care

You can think that removing a tree by yourself seems not too difficult to do. After all, what you want is this task to be done quickly, so you can get a new Palm Trees for Sale in Cape Coral as soon as possible. If the tree is not longer what is used to be, why not removing it by yourself? Actually, this whole situation can represent a huge risk of damage.

It has happened that some homeowners have resulted injured by accidents with chainsaws, ladders and similar due to this. It is not bad to ask for help when trying to do this. Your life can be endangered. So, you need to play it safe. It is much better (and less expensive) to hire professional tree services than to pay for the doctor’s bill since you have had an accident. 

Don’t clean right after a storm

In places like Cape Coral, storms are not that uncommon. So, a huge and horrible storm has attacked your neighborhood. Guess what? It has knocked down your tree. One of your first thoughts is that you need to clean up the mess. Once that is finished, you can buy Palm Trees in Cape Coral, and that is all. However, it is better to get in touch with your insurance company first before cleaning something. You can even take some pictures of all the damages, since you will require some evidence. This is a very good advice we give, because insurance companies can help you with some expenses, only if you let them evaluate the situation first. If you clean first, then call an insurance company. There won’t be enough things for them to see to decide whether you need help and money from it. Then, remember this and only call a professional after this.

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As you can see, there are many dos and don’ts of Tree Care, you should follow to keep your plants safe and healthy. It is not only just pouring water into it. When you have a tree, you should look for anything, like the place where it is planted, the surroundings and how it is affecting it, and so on. You want your garden or yard to look beautiful with the tree you choose, so you need the best care. And if you still are not sure about what to do, you can perfectly call the best professional tree service. We are here to help you keep your tree alive and healthy.