Deal with Squirrels in your Yard

We know squirrels are cute and fun to watch, but this furry little critters hide a sneaky nature behind their innocent appearance. They are capable to make an amount of destruction into your yard, and if you left unchecked, won’t shy from exploring your house either. but don’t worry, we have compiled a few tips to deal with squirrels in your yard. So, this way you will co-exist peacefully.

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Identify a squirrel invasion

Bushy tailed squirrels have the nasty habit of helping themselves with all things edible and not so edible in your yard. They can gnaw all these things:

  • The tree bark.
  • Bird seed.
  • Budding vegetables.
  • Fruits.
  • Flower blooms.
deal with squirrels in your yard invasion

They also like dig holes in the yard. They will even set up nests in attics and crawl species if they find a way in. Catching these mischievous creatures before they wreak havos is important. These are some signs that squirrels are lurking in your yard:

  • Bitten, half eaten, or missing flowers and fruits. Especially this happens with soft and juicy rippening fruits and vegetables like squash, pepper, melons, cucumbers and tomatoes.
  • Munched-on seed head.
  • Small holes in pots and planting beds.
  • Squirrel droppings.
  • Teeth marks in wooden molding and beams in crawl spaces around the house.
  • Food disappearing quickly from bird feeders or broken bird feeder.
  • Stripped tree bark or nipped-off branches.
  • Eaten spring bulbs.
  • Ripped garbage bags.
  • New mounds of soil in the yard where squirrels bury nuts or corns for the winter.

Why do squirrels like your yard?

deal with squirrels in your yard like

There are a lot of reasons why squirrels are so tempted to damage your yard or your garden. Some factors that attract squirrels are:

  • Trees: Squirrels love trees, especially those that produce fruits and nuts. If you have large trees in your property, there’s a big chance a squirrel population is lurking.
  • Water and food: These are big attractions for squirrels. You might’ve set up a bird bath or bird feeders around your property. Birds love them but squirrels treasure them much more as them.
  • Thick vegetation: If your yard has lots of shrubs and hedges, yu will surely see squirrels running about them.

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