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Coconut Palm trees cape coral

Oh, who doesn’t enjoy a delicious tropical coconut? The Coconut Palm Cape Coale is the best for that romantic, tropical touch! That relaxed vibe and shade is priceless. These beautiful trees can grow up to 50-80 feet and there are different varieties of coconut palms. The smallest is called the Dwarf palm.

The coconut grows in rainforest or other tropical climates. The fruit is hard on the outside and it has white meat beneath that has a hollow center that has coconut milk. It is most likely to grow in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific region. And in the USA, you can only find it in Hawaii, the Southern tip of Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

One thing about the coconut is that it supplies some families from the Pacific with shelter, food, drinks, and many other things they need. With the roots, they supply a dye, and the trunks are used to stabilized buildings. The hard outside of the coconut can be cut into slices of wood called Porcupine,while the white meat inside is eaten.

You can get coconut cream by sifting the white meat until it turns soft and creamy. The sap from the unopened clusters of flowers is used to make sugar, vinegar, and some alcoholic beverages. 

Planting Instructions:


The coconut tree requires to water the tree frequently. Always keep on looking that the soil drains well, before you keep watering.


You need of fertilizer if you want your coconut palms to grow. Look for fertilizers that provides both basic nutrients and trace nutrients (boron, manganese and magnesium).

Protect it

Coconut palms tend to be very cold sensitive. So, when the weather becomes cold, you need to take it inside. Plus, you can provide some supplemental light and keep it away from drafts.

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