Best Houseplants for Beginners

Indoor plants are known for reducing stress and can be therapeutic. Some even help improve air quality. There are a multitude of reasons to add a little indoor greenery to your abode. But some plants are easier to care than other ones. If you are a beginner or a joke with your friends about the lack of a green thumb it doesn’t mean you need to go to plantless. Here are a few low maintenance best houseplants for beginners to add stunning accents to your home. 

We recommend you an important basic guide to landscaping if you want to follow the path of plants amazing world.

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Fiddle leaf fig

Transform any indoor space with the gorgeous and uniquely shaped Fiddle leaf fig. This is a popular houseplant because it is incredibly easy to grow. Choose a spot with bright indirect sunlight and periodically rotate it to ensure even growth. This particular plant is fairly drought tolerant so a good long drink when the soil is completely dry is the way to maintain proper moisture levels. 

Sago palm tree

best houseplants for beginners sago

The Sago palm tree is an ideal addition to any interior because of its slow growth, and long life expectancy. Very little care is required to keep this tropical beauty thriving. The sago palm loves partial to full sun and only requires enough water to keep the soil moist. Even a novice can keep this plant alive. Just be sure to plant it in nutrient rich soil with organic potting mix and you will get everything solved.

Peace lily plant

This plant makes a wonderful housewarming gift or a great addition to a living room or bedroom. They are symbols of prosperity and tranquility. This flower will only grow in medium to brightly filtered light. However it will grow without flowers in low light. The soil should be allowed to dry out all completely between waterings in order to maintain a healthy root system. The large green leaves will need room to fan out so make sure you leave it enough space to grow.

We hope this basic list helps you to learn more about your initial contact with plants. Maybe you get motivated on how to start a plant business.

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