Bamboo Care and Maintenance

It is usually assumed that bamboo can be planted in a wet area. this certainly does not apply to all bamboos. It is better to plant the bamboo in a place that is not too wet and give it extra water during the summer growth. In winter some types of bamboo are not so wet. This is not the case for all the species. This are the first conditions for understanding bamboo care and maintenance.

You must be careful because this plant can cause problems. So you will have to learn how to get rid of bamboo.

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How to plant it?

We have our own potting soil for palms and Mediterranean plants. This substrate is ideal for the plant in the cockpit and contains all necessary organic substances. As a tub plant there are also many types of bamboo to keep, so people without a garden can also keep bamboo on their balcony. In principle all bamboos are suitable to use ina cockpit.


bamboo care and maintenance spring

Bamboo plants can look terrible in the spring just after the winter, but as soon as it gets warmer the new leaves will appear again one after the other. Aphid can occur when the plant had too much water for a longer period of time or in the earlier spring on the new young leaf. But this doesn’t happen very often.


bamboo care and maintenance prunning

At the end of winter you can cut older ugly or broken stems to the ground. In this way you will also make room for the new stems that will appear in the spring. In various species the bottom 2 meters of the trunk removes all lateral branches, making the bamboo stem even more visible.


Bamboo care and maintenance also needs manure. The nitrogen content may be slightly higher. Fertilization process can start from early spring onwards. Cow manure grit can be given. In bamboo fertilization, the phosphate content must be low. This is available from us in the webshop.

Maybe you should learn some things before with a basic guide to landscaping.

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