What are the Most Popular Palm Trees in Cape Coral?

When we decide to hire a landscaper to fill our yard with enchantment, we should always hire Landscaping in Cape Coral professionals. We want our garden or backyard to look like a paradise that complements the architecture of our home. Having hired the experts, we must decide what plants to place. But, What Is The Most Popular Palm Trees In Cape Coral?

Palm Trees

That’s right!! The most popular tropical plants in the area are Palms! Many of us imagine large coconut palms in our garden. But, the truth is that if you search for Palm Trees in Cape Coral, you will notice that there are several types of palms. Each species will fit your needs, design, and budget.

Here you will find What Is The Most Popular Palm Trees.

The Most Popular Tropical Trees in Cape Coral

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Adonidia (Christmas) Palms

Adonidia palms are well adapted to cities like Cape Coral. The origin of Adonidias is in the Philippines. Its fruity flowers seem as festive red bouquets during December. So it will look beautiful in your holiday season! Also they emerge in the cold seasons as healthy as in any other time of the year.
Remember that they grow singles, doubles or triples, even the way you want to. Thats’s the reason why you can use them for a quick and easy way to spruce your front or backyard. 

Alexander Palms

Alexander palms are native to Australia. They are especially suited for narrow spaces. Also, they have thinner canes and a smaller canopy. They work well as potted palms.
This palms grow as singles. Landscapers, architects, decorators and homeowners create amazing designs with tree or four plants. The perfect places for them are tight spots. Their building advantages are the best option for winter temperatures and winds.

Areca Palms

Areca palms are native to the island of Madagascar. They are most often used as a privacy screen. The privacy they provide is desirable to both homeowners and contractors. They have high drought tolerance.
This palm tree is very popular in South Florida. People name it the Butterfly Palm by its forms and the trunks that spring up from the base of the plant. The Areca Palm can reach about 15 to 20 feet. That’s the reason why it’s a perfect decorative tree, like a privacy screen or a landscape backdrop.
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Bird of Paradise Palms

If you are a homeowner we recommend these palms. They are sure to look beautiful in your garden or backyard adding style and harmony. Remember that you have to choose the best place to buy your plants.
This plant can grow about 10 of 15 feet due to the long hour benefits of sunlight. This process lasts around 1 year. When they get this size may be like banana trees.
These are their main uses:
  • Specific points planting.
  • Designs with plant groups.
  • To mark off dividing property lines or walkways.
  • Construction of accent pillars.
  • Indoor ornamental plants.
  • To fill home interiors with air and style.
Bottle Palm

Bottle Palms

They have small stature and swollen trunk. Also, They are a slow growing palm.  They show best as a specimen surrounded by smaller plants. Use them in your garden. They are drought tolerant. 

Palms are ideal for decorating any space. Your landscaping will surely look beautiful. Enjoy a beautiful and relaxing garden. And don’t forget to visit us to know the widest variety of Palm Trees in Cape Coral, here in our nursery.


Queen Palms

This variety grows up better at sun light. It can stand adding 6 feet a year, at largest height like 40 feet. The Queen is a very special palm variety. They produce beautiful clusters of flower and fruits. The flower clusters burst especially in summer. In the early winter comes the green fruits.
They have a single and precious trunk that give us an amazing landscape for warm regions. This exotic palm grows up about 50 feet tall. Like many of these tall palms their trunk is straight, branchless and full of palm leaves like a crown.

Windmill Palms

This is one of the most cold resistant palms. Their fronds usually grow upwards and their diameter goes between 8 to 10 inches. that’s why Windmill are the thinner palms. You can identify this variety because a grey fiber covers their trunks. This last one is their most strange feature.
The Windmill Palm height can grow around 40 feet tall, but stands 1 feet per year. This plant can survive at freezing temperatures, like down to 10° Fahrenheit. Sometimes people use their leaves to built thatched roofs. Spring is the better season to plant this palms.

Chinese Fan Palms

These palms separate from others because of their fan shaped fronds. They can grow without any trouble in drought times. For this reason they will not need a lot of maintenance to look beautiful the rest of the year. But you won´t see many Chinese Palms in the residential or commercial landscapes.
It’s very common that people want to make an special cut in their trunks to keep their natural state. It depends on the kind of project. This adjustments give them a diamond faceted appearance.

Coconut Maypan Palms

Coconut Maypan Palms are very adaptable to beaches zones. That´s the reason why we find them in every kind of drained soils. They also can be very popular in residential and commercial landscapes. You can identify them because are the typical tropical plants you enjoy when go on vacation trips.

We can count the following benefits from this variety:

  •  They have a moderate growth average. 
  •  Coconuts constant production.
  • It’s the ideal place for hanging hammocks and rest in your travel

Fishtail Palms

The main use of this palm is like a centerpiece planting. It’s name refers to the tail of a fish. This happens because the form of its branches are very similar. It can be used as a screening material, too.

These are the most usual screening applications of the Fishtail Palms:

  • To use them near a cement barrier or wall.
  •  Around your house area.
  • They are very proper for creating a noise barrier in noisy places.
  • This ones can provide you privacy from your neighborhood.
  • You can plant these palms in front of unsightly places.

Lady palms

We want to finish this interesting list with a very curious variety: the Lady Palm. You wil recognize it because ot doesn’t have the usual palm height. It seems more like a tropical bush. This is the reason why you can enjoy them outdoors or indoors. You finally make your decision.

If you need it, a Lady palms corridor works like a very dense screen. They can grow up to 10′, so this height works perfectly as a privacy system. Another indoor or outdoor common use are the atriums, entryways or corporate office spaces. 

Here you can find your better option when you want to plant the most beautiful palms in Florida. Don’t forget to call us for receiving complete details of What Is The Most Popular Palm Trees. 

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