What are the Christmas Palms?

What are the Christmas Palms? This is a variety also known as Manila Palms because of their native range in the Philippines. They earn their name from the colorful berries produced during the holiday season. During fall and winter the palm takes on the appearance of being decorated for Christmas with the thick clusters of bright red fruits adorning the tree. The brightly colored fruit clusters are sure to make a statement and catch the eye’s attention, standing out against the green foliage. Also, they can be part of great ideas for your small backyard.

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Basic care and conditions for growth

Christmas palms grow well placed in a location that receives full sun throughout the day or partial shade. However, a sunny location produces the best growth. The palm also prefers growing in well- drained soil that doesn’t have a tendency to remain wet and soggy. This can create problems related with disease. They grow well planted directly in the landscape and also grow quite well in containers, provided the pot has bottom drainage.

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Christmas palm cold tolerance

what are the christmas palms cold

Christmas palm can tolerate very low temperatures and can suffer damage or even death when temperatures drop lower. Due to their smaller and more manageable size and because they can take well to containerized growth, those experiencing cold winters can always bring the palm indoors a warm and protected location until the freezing weather passes.

Showy staging specimen

what are the christmas palms showy

Christmas palms are perfect for seasonal use whether at your business or home from May to October. These particular plants won’t survive harsh winters but are perfect for bringing some seasonal tropics to your local environments. Christmas palms make elegant and striking specimens that are sure to give any area a beachy and tropical feel. With their flowy and aching feathery fronds, they will easily add a sophisticated appeal used as accents on a porch, patio, deck or giving an exotic feel to a pool area. You will instantly feel like you are vacationing at a swanky beach resort, all from the privacy of your own home.

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