To Trim Your Palm: ¿True or False?

This is a very important question you must answer when you have palms in your landscape. Almost in all cases this answer is: NO. Next we will give you the main reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Discover everything about to trim your palm ¿true or false?

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Know the reasons for not to trim your palms

  • The palm trees are the bigger storage of energy from your garden. Their fronds are full of carbohydrates that the plant uses constantly. This happens every time unless when the fronds have brown color. When the frond changes between green to yellow and then to brown that means the palm is cleaning that nutrition source.
  • The palms fronds are the only source of energy they have. This is because the photosynthesis process. that’s the only way plants have to survive. This process consist in converting all the sunlights into sugars that keep stored in the fronds. if you cut the fronds prematurely this reduces the palm’s photosynthesis capacity. So, it’s growth level will reduce.
trim your palm true or false reasons
  • Trimming is the main reason to spread diseases. Removing fronds is cutting living tissue from the plant. Everything is part of the circulatory system from the palm. Sugars and water are permanently moving through the fronds, stem and roots.

Stop trimming to protect your palm trees

When you remove fronds from the plants you make them less resistant to storms. Many people trim their palms trees before hurricane season. That’s not a good practice because all the energy stores in their fronds. Pruning them leaves the plants very susceptible to the wind damage. When the palms have their canopies full of fronds become much more tolerant to hurricane winds and can recover quickly.

To trim your palm: ¿true or false? Now you know why you shouldnt’t do it. 

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