Tree-Trimming Mistakes Homeowners usually make

We know about how important tree trimming is. With a proper pruning and trimming task, you are also investing in the health and longevity of your tree. Besides, you will be taking care of your tree appearance and the safety of the own tree or even people around it. So, as it is an important tree care to do, you need to think why you should not do it yourself. Since it is that important, it couldn’t be that hard to do. You will just need to get a couple of chainsaws, some ladders, and you are ready to handle it. But, you might need to reconsider your idea of DIY. Why so? Well, it has been proven that the task of tree trimming is one of the most dangerous household tasks. If you don’t have the proper equipment and the right techniques, you can get injured yourself, and you might end up negatively affecting the health and safety of your tree. And it might be better to consider hiring a tree services Cape Coral, instead. For that, we want to show you tree-trimming mistakes homeowners usually make.

Over-zealous sawing

While removing and trimming the dead and broken tree limbs and branches is good and important for your tree, you need to do it carefully. If you decided to do it by yourself, you might start enthusiastically removing every tree limb and branch you see.

However, what if you start also removing the branches that are healthy and thriving? Your palm trees in Cape Coral might end up affected by your inexperience. 

Tree-Trimming Mistakes Homeowners usually make tree topping

The whole tree’s system depends on many of its parts, like limbs, branches and leaves. If you remove too many of these limbs, you can create a stunted system of growth, that your tree might find very difficult to recover. So, only the professional services will know how to identify which one to cut.

Tree Topping

Some homeowners try to cut their trees using the technique of tree topping. This technique is done when you choose to cut the crown, or the very peak of the tree, just to limit the vertical growth. Nevertheless, this can impact negatively your entire tree. When you cut the top of the tree, you can limit the blooms and leaf production, and the branches may start growing outwardly. And the tree might be vulnerable to pests and other kinds of diseases. If you want to avoid your tree from suffering from this, you’d better asks the professional tree services in Cape Coral. Only professionals know the right techniques to trim your tree in a healthy way.

Rushing into Tree Pruning

Tree-Trimming Mistakes Homeowners usually make rush into tree pruning

Tree trimming and pruning has proven to be important for the overall health of your tree, that is a fact. But timing is also extremely important. You need to know when it is the best season to prune it.

For example, if you think of doing it during the middle of a hot summer, it will be detrimental for your tree. The same applies during winter. 

When the weather conditions and too extreme and harsh, trees also suffer from it, to try and survive. If you decide to cut your tree’s limbs and branches, it will be bad for your tree’s energy. For that matter, it is better to wait until fall or spring. And who will know better than professional tree pruning in Cape Coral? You might have the best intentions, but if you don’t have the proper knowledge, you can cause more damage than help.

Disregarding Sanitation

Just as any other living being, trees are also susceptible to any disease or infection from fungi or bacteria. How can they get infected? Well, these pathogens can be easily transmitted from tree to tree during pruning and trimming, especially if you have not properly sanitized and cleaned all the instruments used during the process. You may think it is not that important since all of them are trees.

But when a tree services in Cape Coral takes in charge of this service, be sure that we constantly wipe our shears down with rubbing alcohol between trees. And before using them again, we make sure they are completely dry. If you have a proper sanitation, your trees are less likely to get infected. Likewise, having a proper cleanup also contributes with the sanitation overall. For this matter, do not just let fallen branches and leaves accumulate on the ground beneath the tree. It can also be a focal point of infection for fungi or insects. It is better to dispose them in a pile located far away from any trees.

Using Bad Shears

The thing with any kind of service is that if it is done with bad instruments, that are old or ‘weak’, you won’t get the results you expect. When using less expensive materials or shears that have their blades dull, your tree will have a harder time healing. Why so?

Because it will create rough wounds, and it can damage the branch collar by accident. The older and wasted the tools are, the harder will it be to chop the tree, and you will have to do it several times, until you damage the tree by accident.

Tree-Trimming Mistakes Homeowners usually make using bad shears

To avoid this kind of accidents, you should better invest in a good pair of shears or general tools. This may result a little expensive, and it is sometimes better to hire a tree pruning service Cape Coral, since they are fully equipped with everything for a truly professional service.

Better ask professionals!

So, trimming is important for your tree, and you definitely need to consider doing it if you want your tree to grow healthy. However, sometimes it might be better for the health of your tree in Cape Coral, to call the professionals to do it for you. Then, hire the best tree trimming services and not just amateurs.