Tips to Identify a Dangerous Tree

Having beautiful trees can be good for enhancing your yard’s appearance. But, there are still things you need to know about trees. It is good to have a tree, especially in a place like Cape Coral, where many varieties of trees grow. But some trees may become dangerous to have at some point. This happens when there are falling trees or branches, which can become safety hazards. A tree may be like this due to many situations like storms, rainfalls, or any other natural climate condition. Or perhaps it is because the tree is already too old. One problem many people have is knowing when the tree represents danger. So, it is always good to perform an inspection on your tree. Here we want to give some tips to identify a Dangerous Tree.

Check the overall tree

So, you have decided to inspect your tree to find whether it is dangerous or not for you. You might be lost about where to start. The first thing you need to do is check on the overall tree.

Go outside and see how the tree is doing. It is better to start from a broadside and look at the whole tree to give a proper diagnosis. You can check if the tree is leaning in some direction or hanging loose dead branches.

All these signals show that your tree might need to be checked by a professional tree service like our Tree Services in Cape Coral. They will be capable of recommending you the best solution for your tree.

Dangerous Tree check the overall tree

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Follow with a ground inspection

To continue with your tree check-up, you need to inspect the ground where your tree is standing. A ground is essential for a tree since it is the place where you can find the root system. And a tree without a good root system is not ok. It might sometimes seem from the outside that the tree is all green, healthy, and strong. But, if the roots are rotting or in decay, the tree can fall any time soon. You need to check the anchoring or structural roots that support your tree. There are many reasons why they can be affected. And you can fix it, or if it is too damaged, you can’t. All this requires the attention of a professional. But to call them, you need first to notice what is going on with your tree’s roots.

Keep an eye on the Trunk

Tips to Identify. keep an eye on the trunk

Another thing that supports the weight of the tree is the trunk. You also need to check how well the trunk is doing. If there are some cracks or cavities, you might need to be alert.
This is because your tree can break apart or split. This may happen due to some fungus attack or bacteria. So, it would help if you kept a constant eye on it.

The moment you notice something strange, you’d better call a professional to deal with the tree. The trunk is an essential part of the tree. Then, you need to check it and go around the tree to notice if there is anything out of the ordinary. When the problems are detected early, you may be able to save your tree.

Inspect the canopy

And last but not least is the canopy tree. Since this is on the top of your tree, it might be something challenging to check. Or you may inspect your tree, but as it is that tall, you may forget it. One of the most common signs of a sick tree is when dead wood appears. It may happen that your tree is not receiving enough sun so that the tree may start through its branches. Many things can happen in the tree’s canopy, from brown needles dying to deadwood and leavers. If you notice any of these signs, it is time to call a professional because your tree might fall any minute soon.

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Keep your family safe and follow this tips to identify a dangerous tree!

Trees are an excellent way to have them in your yard. They can provide you shade, life, and happiness. So, you need to take care of them and be aware of the signs. It happens that (for external reasons) your tree has become a safety hazard more than a good. Follow this tips to identify a Dangerous Tree and if you notice any of these signs once you check up the whole tree, with the roots, trunks, and canopy, you can better make a call to a professional tree service in Cape Coral or wherever you are. In this way, you may be doing something good for your trees before it is too late.

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