Tips for Caring Fan Palms

When you are looking for caring properly your fan palms you must consider these three aspects: the water, sun exposure and nutrients. this is very important because the brutal summer climate can make serious havoc in your plants. We know palm trees can be a hard amount of working. That’s the reason we will give you the best tips for caring fan palms.

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Tips for watering fan palms

The first thing you need to arrange is the watering schedule. if you do not make this task will be very difficult to have big and radiant palm trees. This kind of plants are a great choice for drought-tolerant landscapes. But you need to consider that they need constant and consistent watering sessions.

This cares are necessary for a good thriving from your fan palms. The established and new plants will be in better conditions if they grow in well-draining soil and with watered through deep. You have to make slow watering with bubblers, too.

A top side watering system can be helpful to supplement the hole water distribution.You should apply it with a hose and slow flow watered laps. If temperature reach above 100, you have to water deeply and more often. Also, you can check the moisture  levels of your soil using a soil prove or a shovel. The purpose of this task is testing the moisture of the soil 6 inches below from the topsoil point.

tips for caring fan palms water


Established palm trees are more resistant to the high temperatures. They often don’t need that frequent rhythm of watering. But don’t forget that the summer climate can be very destructive to every kind of plants. 

Stress signs due to lack of water
  • Slow growth levels.
  • Browning and darkening of leaf tips.
  • Wilted leaflets.
  • Hollowed and collapsed trunk sections.

This is the first point you must consider in the tips for caring fan palms. If you need more help with your garden contact us and make an appointment.

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