Think twice about Artificial Turf

Usually artificial turf is used to reserving mini golf, sports field, or even surreal retirement community homes. Now it is being considered by home owners from coast-to-coast. Too many people are looking for landscapes that will need less maintenance and watering. And as those requirements have become more important, now it’s time to think twice about artificial turf uses.

Sometimes the hard climate conditions make this addition a good landscape option. So, we want to show you some thing you should know and consider before going to this option.

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The price

We are not going to tell you no lies… there’s a lot of investment involved in this type of project. A properly installed artificial lawn is more like your paver patio than your traditional lawn. Maybe you will have to pay between $25-$35 a square foot. This means a 1000 square foot lawn will cost you over $25K. Note that this assumes your turf is installed properly. Most is not.

Low maintenance doesn't mean NOT maintenance

think twice about artificial turf low

Your mowings will require from 40 per year to 0. However it will need to clear the leaves and debris if you have trees nearby. Even if you don’t have them, fake grass wants to be racked occasionaly to feel its best. There is no app for that but you can get a special rake with each installation.

Infill scares you

Infill is one of the latest steps when installing artificial turf. This product filters down into the turf weighing it down. This makes it look better and feel softer under your feet. But remember you don’t live in a cave. Maybe you have heard about the risks of infill. The good news is that the “crumb robber” infill that causes this troubles is no longer in use. You can use a ceramic coated sand product that is completely safe.

think twice about artificial turf infill

We have a wide variety of Palm Trees in Cape Coral. You can browse our catalog and once you find Landscaping Cape Coral just give us a call. We offer the Same Day delivery. Or you are also free to call us with any questions you may have.