Things to Consider When Choosing a Tree for your Yard

So, you have decided to choose a tree to give some color and life to your yard. You just have to make the decision on what type of tree would suit better for it. At first, it might seem easy, but given the fact that there a huge number of types of trees not only in Cape Coral but also in North America, this task can become a little overwhelming. How to choose? Which one is best for me? Those might be some questions that can raise up regarding the tree. Then, here we present you, things to consider when choosing a tree for your yard.

1. Figure out your purpose

One major factor that we always remind people to take into account is the purpose of the tree. Why do we mean by that? It is what is it that you are looking to do with your tree.

Perhaps you want a shade tree, or on the other side, you are just looking for a decorative tree. There are many things that you can do with a tree in your yard. 

Things to consider when choosing a tree for your yard figure out your purpose

For example, it can be a windbreaker for your home, a tree that produces fruit for your consumption. Once you decide what you want for your tree, then, you can begin thinking about the type of tree that suits your purpose the best.

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2. Size of the tree

A common problem that we tend to encounter withing our tree services in Cape Coral is with the size of the tree being a problem to the homeowners. That is, they did not consider the size the space they had to plant a tree. And once it grew up, it seems to be bigger than they think of, and that started causing problems. Sometimes you look at a house that seem to be devoured by a large evergreen. So, always measure the size of your yard before considering planting a tree. Likewise, do some research about the type of tree you think to plant. Or, if it is too complicated to do, you can always ask for help to professionals.

3. An easy or hard tree to maintain

Things to consider when choosing a tree for your yard easy or hard to mantain tree

This factor is basically whether you want a tree that is deciduous or evergreen. A deciduous tree is one that sheds its leaves at the end of the growing season. In contrast to an evergreen tree, which leaves are always green.

So, it will depend on which one are you more prepared or have more time to have. If you are a busy person, you should better choose an evergreen tree, since deciduous trees can be a lot of work. 

Then, always keep that in mind, since you are the one who has to decide how to maintain it. Of course, if you still want a deciduous tree, but don’t have enough time to take care of it, you can hire a Professional Tree Services.

4. Soil and environmental conditions

To finish with these recommendations, one thing you should always consider is the place where you live in. There are some places that due to their environmental conditions suits better one type of trees than others. This factor will make your trees grow or not. For example, there are some trees that like a weather with lots of moisture, while there are others that prefer dryer conditions. So, you need to always research the local environment to choose which tree will suit better for your yard.

5. The package method

When you decide for a tree, you might get it in three different packaged way. How you get your trees, also depends on how you want them to be delivered to you.

Your palm tress in Cape Coral can work under the three types of packages, but they are different depending on what you expect from them. We have the Bare root, which means that is just a bare tree with no soil attached to it. 

Things to consider when choosing a tree for your yard the package method

While this is the most cost-effective, if you choose this method to plant, you will need to choose the best time to do it, it cannot be done anytime. Likewise, we have the B&B method, which is short for Balled and Burlapped. Here, the trees are scooped out of the ground, and all the roots and burlap are places around the soil ball.

This method is heavier to handle than the other one, but it will offer more flexibility when planting. To finish with, there is the container method, which is one of the newest one. In contrast to the other two, this is easier to handle, and if the tree is a well grown container, you will be able to purchase it with the entire root system. When transplanting your new tree, you will have fewer problems.

6. Go for diversity

While you may have your favorite palm trees in Cape Coral (that you have already decided to plant), it might be better if you don’t plant the same tree over and over again. Likewise, let’s imagine you have seen a tree which seems widely popular in your neighborhood. And it actually looks good, and it makes a beautiful landscape. However, the fact that your entire neighborhood is full of them doesn’t mean you need to plant the same species. It can be a little boring for your yard, especially if what you are looking for is to stand out among the rest.

Furthermore, when there is a mass species planting, it is more attractive for insects and diseases to spread them quickly. To avoid this, why don’t choose diversity. Try to incorporate new tree species to your yard, and choose the one that really suits you and your entire landscape. It is sometimes better to risk than to play safe.

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Consider this when choosing a Tree for your Yard

With all our tips given, it is up to you to consider these things when choosing a tree for your yard and when to choose it. Ultimately, you want your yard to look better with the tree you choose. So, if that is what you are looking for, you need to make the right decision, and better ask for help from professional tree services. You want your tree to last longer, and if you consider all our advice, it will surely last the time you expect.