The Best Plants for Restaurants

We have seen recently how the restaurants have become more friendly to the idea of giving service outdoors. Pandemic restrictions made this strategy more trending. But you know the pleasure of having a good diner with your couple or your friends enjoying the outside environment. So, if you want to decorate and giving customers a nice spot you have to consider having the best plants for restaurants. In Florida you can have the pleasure of drinking refreshing cocktails with a beautiful palm trees landscape.

There are many companies that are investing in the most expansive sitting areas decorated with exotic commercial plants and other nice features to make you feel like in a natural oasis.

And if you are worried about getting the best reviews from the renown food bloggers or recommendations from your favorite diners, definitely you need t invest in a good plant decoration environment.ecame

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Violas and Lady: Look at this combo

We are near to Spring and Winter seasons. This pretty combo is a special combination for making company to your habitual palm trees. This plants have too much resistance to this kind of climate and you can keep them until the first months of the next year.

These are a special varieties for the outdoor landscaping of your restaurant or bar. They will give you a different color for impressing your new or old customers.

Tthe best plants for restaurant combo

The fast growing varieties of growing plants usually are small flowered annuals or short lived perennials. A curious fact is that you can eat them too. Yes, you can try them as exotic salad ingredients. Also you can use them like candies or like decoration for cakes.

Lady fern

the best plants for restaurants lady

This variety is also known like “female fern”. This name is because it has a graceful and elegant appearance. The individual fronds of this attractive fern show a powerful red to purple tone. Its finely-textured, feathered fronds can grow around 3 feet wide and 1 to 3 feet long. So, you can enjoy with a more intense feeling its shining green color.

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