Stump grinding or Stump removal?

A tree stump is what is left after the tree has been cut and felled. So, this portion of the tree is usually a small remaining portion of the trunk, with its roots still in the ground. If what you are looking for is to have a nice-looking garden with a beautiful and attractive landscape, then, it may be time to find out what to do with your tree trump. Furthermore, it is not only for the look of your place, but also it involves the safety of the people that goes into the yard.  Some of these tree stumps are a major tripping hazard specially for children and pets, and they can get injured. Then, here in Cape Coral, you have two major methods to decide what to do with it: Stump grinding or Stump Removal?

Method 1: Stump Grinding

If you hire a Tree Service in Cape Coral to do a stump grinding, they will grind the stump down to a desired height, one that matches the rest of your landscape.

This process is quick and efficient. And if you think about the environment, it is friendly to it, as you can use the leftover wood chips as a type of mulch. Likewise, it is less intrusive than the other option. This is because, while it takes care of the visible remains of the tree, there will be still some roots left behind. 

Stump grinding or Stump removal stump grinding

So, while it is more economical, the remaining roots can cause sprouts, fungi, or even the tree to grow back up. This is something to consider if you choose this method. One more thing is to better hire a professional service, since this process needs the use of a powerful machine, and it is advisable that homeowners should not do it by themselves.

Method 2: Stump Removal

Stump grinding or Stump removal stump removal

This method is also called “stump pulling”. On the other hand, this process involves the complete elimination of the entire tree from the roots.

So, it is safe to say that this process becomes more intrusive than a stump grinding. As the tree is totally eliminated, you won’t have to wait for lengthy root decay (which can take up to ten years), and it eliminates the possibility of regrowth. 

With this said, this process is typically a little more expensive than stump grinding, but it is better to hire a professional tree removal Cape Coral than trying to do by yourself. The whole process will leave an unattractive hole in your yard (which can also be dangerous) that only professionals can fill it. And you will need the use of heavy force, then, a qualified arborist will be needed.

Get a Professional Tree Service!

Since you have read about the two methods to take care of your tree stump, it is up to you to decide which one you want for your garden. Both of them, if done by a team of professional tree services, will be done correctly, and your landscape won’t suffer. It is always better to call the experts to do the best job possible.