Should You Trim Your Palm?

In Florida there are a lot of giant palms. Here we have the best examples of how taking care of them. this is the result of many years learning this process. Should you trim your palm? Well, this is the question we are going to answer in this post. Trimming consists in removing the dying and brown fronds from the plant. But you need to know exactly hoe to do it. This can be so good or bad for your palm tree. it depends of having in mind all this advises.

Sometimes the best season for trimming is the spring. It will leave your palm in the best condition. We recommend not to trim in winter. your plant will be without protection for the extreme conditions from a cooler weather.

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The benefits of trimming in Spring

It’s common to think that the fronds must be trimmed when the brown color begins to appear. This practice can be a mistake. The first tip you have to consider is that the best season you should trim is before the coming of Spring. That’s the way you can be sure the plant will recover the fronds healthy and stronger.

should you trim your palm spring

Another advise is that if your plant has begun to have flowers growing you should wait until the next Spring season to trimming the brown fronds. Don’t be stressed about the ugly brown color of your palm trees. Be patient and remember than those fronds are giving the plant more benefits for holding the Florida high temperatures.

Why not to trim in Winter season?

The winter season probably will stop the growth of your palm trees. Then, if you trim the fronds in this season you will have a low process of recovering and with the risk of the damage of this season conditions. This is a long work to get your plants in the best appear, because you must understand that brown fronds can be very useful in the hardest weathers. 

should you trim your palm winter

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