Should You Remove Your Tree?

If you have palm trees you will receive a lot of benefits. You will have shade for the hot season we suffer sometimes. However there are certain situations will make you think in this question: Should you remove your tree? For example, you can have these situations:

  • You want to remove your palm tree if you are seeing it’s leaning forward into your home. This can avoid any damages.
  • Another good reason to remove your tree is when it gets infested by insects and plagues. In that case you can avoid to spread the disease into your home.
  • If you notice a crack in the trunk tree the best decision is to remove it. it can fall and make more damages.
Next you can learn more about why should you remove your tree.

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Your palm tree lean toward your house

If you have this trouble it’s necessary begin thinking in how you should remove your tree. If you do not move quickly, you are taking a risk. Branches will begin to fall down and your house can suffer any damages. If you want to know the worst scenario, the tree can fall in the middle of a hard storm. 

You can examine the growing of your palm tree. If you see it’s leaning since young times maybe it has roots issues. In the most of times this trouble cannot be corrected. Then the best advice is to remove that tree when is starting to lean in direction to your house.

should you remove your tree lean

What happens when your tree is a disease victim?

should you remove your tree cut

When the disease or infestation is not running all your tree you can use fungicide for protection. But if the insects or any plague has been infesting all the trunk and other parts of the plant is necessary to remove it. In that case there is no turning point, it will just kill your tree in any moment. Maybe the disease can infest the another near palm trees.

If the trouble is with insects the solution is the same. In all these cases you have to check the evolution in the infestation to determine if you can save the plant or definitely you will have to cut it down.

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