River Rock Landscape Ideas

Your backyard needs a new look but you don’t have ideas for the design you are looking for. River rock landscape ideas can be the solution. The color and size variety of river rocks offer a big amount of options. And now we will help you with some examples that will be a good refreshment for your mind.

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You can travel from crafting a retaining wall or water fountain to highlighting your fire pit and garden beds. Well, first of all, you will know what are the river rocks. 

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What are the river rocks?

We usually think that river rocks are a kind of rocks that come from the river, because of their name. But river rocks aren’t actually specific from the river. These rocks can come form any body of water. Any rocks that have been rounded, rubbed, o worn from moving water are considered river rocks. 

These are the common characteristics of river rocks:

  • Smooth texture.
  • Non-porous or slightly porous.
  • Rounded edges.
  • Various colors and sizes. 
  • Imperfections.


Dry creek bed

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You can use river rocks as a dry creek bed to help improve drainage and control erosion. With river rocks, water won’t run off after a rainstorm as it would with concrete or asphalt. Instead, the water soaks into the ground between the rocks. This happens because the rocks slow down the water flow, allowing the ground to absorb the water. Water flows quickly off concrete asphalt, and there’s little opportunity for the water drain. 

Retaining wall

A retaining wall helps support your landscape, securing the soil in place. It can help with erosion, provide a divided area of a flat ground, and offer privacy. Consider using river rocks to build your retaining wall. As an added bonus, your river rock retaining will look beautiful while accomplishing the benefits mentioned above. 

Finally we can give you more infomation about the uses and prevention of erosion vs retaining walls.

river rock landscape ideas wall

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