Fix Palm Trees Storm Damage

Palm trees are the perfect plants for surviving to violent winds and rains that come from hurricanes. However no matter how sturdy a palm tree can be. They can have serious damages, too. The damages can be so small as some yellow fronds or as weighty as a broken crown. Anyway your tree will need the required assistance. Next, you will learn what to do when you have this issue: Fix palm trees storm damage.

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The palms tree thriving after the storm

fix palm trees storm damage thrive

Palm trees are resistant due to its sturdy trunk and open canopy. The wind will not blow easily a good palm tree. Their fronds have the capability to fold between themselves when are suffering a high wind storm. You can see the fronds hold into the foliage during the hurricanes. It’s impossible a palm tree don’t suffer any damage during this extreme winds. Probably you will need to take care of them.

The next step after the storm

Make security your first priority after the storms. Don’t be to close to the trees that seem can leaning forward. At the same time you will have to look your safety, your property damages and these another aspects from the trees:

  • Dead and hanging fronds.
  • The broken stems.
  • Leaning trunks.
  • All the trees totally toppled.

After the storm is always better to have a professional assistance. They can give you all the service around the next items.

What todo if your palm tree broke or stripped
fix palm trees torm damage after

Check the next points when the storm has passed away:

  • Inspect the central point state. to determine if it’s intact can be difficult by your own. You will need the service center help. 
  • The tree will surely survive if the bud is completely whole. If it suffered any damage you will need to remove it.
  • Even if your tree is unharmed you will have to wait after some months to see the signs of recuperation.
  • Remember just to prune the tree if you need to cut dead fronds.
  • When the tree grows again you will need to fertilize it to restore the green color in all the yellow fronds.

Follow these tips. then please call us and make an appointment. You will receive the best service and products around Florida.

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