Palm Trees Fronds Turn to Brown

Palm trees can grow in even any site of the world nowadays. Although we think they are just planted in tropical climates. And palm trees are the kind of plants that can make a better sunny landscape to your home garden. But palm trees are a beautiful plant even when they are in their natural land. Now we are going to learn about when palm trees fronds turn to brown.

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What are the reasons your palm trees fronds turn to brown?

There are many reasons why palm trees fronds turn to brown. Sometimes this is normal. But there are some reasons that indicate we have a trouble. Next we will see some of the main reasons your palm trees begin to turn to brown.

Natural frond aging
palm trees fronds turn to brown natural

It’s normal palms after some time begin to shed old leaves. This process first let a yellow color before going to brown shades. You can be calmed. This is the natural plant working. This happens hen you see that palms just have a few part of fronds going to brown. In this case you don’t need to do nothing about it.

The excess of watering

In this case you need to measure the amount of water you are giving to your plants. Also this can happen when we are in hard raining seasons or the soil has too much water. When you have this issue the roots of the alms begin to saturate with water and they can’t get the oxygen needed for living. they can’t do their appropriate atmosphere process.

Less water than recommended
palm trees Fronds turn to brown underwater

This usually happens when the soil has dried out for some reason. In this case the roots can’t get the minimum quantity of oxygen they need to grow properly. If you think this is the problem. You need to get a visit from the garde experts and consult if you have to remove the plant to a larger container.

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