Orange Citrus Trees Cape Coral

Orange Citrus Trees Cape Coral

Explore about the Orange Citrus Tree

If you are a home gardener, learning how to grow and take care of the Orange Citrus Trees Cape Coral, can be a rewarding time, especially once they have begun to produce the fruit. As the care is not that complicated, you will find joy in taking care of this tree, and you will be able to keep it healthy for a possible fruit production.

Oranges trees are widely known for their sweet fruit. And let us assure you that they will make a beautiful houseplant and landscape for your home. Why do we say so? Well, their fruit and leaves have a brilliant color, and their sole scent will fill your home.

How to take care:


They do not require a lot of pruning. But in February, sometimes they can become overcrowded due to branches, so prune them there. Remember to cut back the tallest branches to encourage growth.


Water them as you’ll do with any other houseplant. When winter comes, first allow the soil to dry out before watering again. But in summer, water them more regularly (once or twice a week).


These citrus plants grow better when the temperature is at 18°C during the day, and between 5°C and 10°C at night. You can take them outside in the summer, but when cold, protect them.


They will need regular feeding during the growing season (spring and summer). So, always feed the plants every second watering. Fertilize it with a high potassium feed to produce good fruit.

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Explore our variety of Orange Citrus Trees Cape Coral


This honeybell citrus tree produces a sweetly tart fruit called tangelo. This is a cross between a tangerine and grapefruit. Its shape is unique, as it has a distinctive neck which gives it a bell shape. Its fragrant attracts honeybees.


This type of orange citrus trees produces a delicious fragrance when oranges are produced. It requires to be under the sun and in an open space to mature to its full size.

Red Navel

Though on the outside it may look like the navel citrus tree, its interior is totally different. The color of the fruit is of a bright luscious red on the inside. Besides, it has a spicy sweet flavor that will turn it into a unique fruit. It is excellent to have it with salads or just to give it as a special gift.

Parson’s Brown

Widely planted in Florida, it ripens in October and November. The shape is rounded and somewhat oblong, and it goes from medium to large. The skin is yellow orange to orange, and on the inside, it has an abundant juice. If you want this fruit to have an excellent balance in taste, between acidity and sweetness, pick it quite early.



It is a delicious sweet fruit, but it can “regreen” in warm weather. When this fruit ripens on a tree, its color is bright orange. On warm temperatures, the skin can reabsorb chlorophyll, and it can cause the fruit to look partly green.

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Trimming and pruning are essential to maintaining the health of your tree. It also helps stimulate growth and preserve its natural appearance. We have a deep understanding of how to recognize plant defects and eliminate them. Our team also remove dead wood properly. We enhance the beauty of your landscape.

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Your trees need proper care and monitoring. This allows them to grow and be healthy. We have a personalized and comprehensive approach to the care of each of your plants.

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Our trees are forced to compete with our lawns and other plants. That’s why they need the vitamins and nutrients they need to survive. We take care of the application of a slow release tree fertilizer. In this way we aim to replace or supplement the necessary nutrients throughout the year.

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We approach lawn and landscape care holistically and with the same care and expertise you expect from all of our local professionals. We offer the best in comprehensive lawn care services. Our service includes: lawn fertilization, pest and disease management, lawn renovation and restoration, aeration and reseeding, and silt seeding.

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Our certified arborists can work with you to remove your tree safely and efficiently. Many tree removals are complex so we do the job with the utmost care and responsibility.

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