Drought Tolerant Plants Guide

Definitely landscaping is one of the most important components of every home appearance. Also covers another aspects like privacy, shelter and curb appeal. When you live in Florida and near places there are some challenges you must battle with a drought tolerant plants guide.

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Basic cares for drought regions

Florida has became a drought-ridding zone because of its strong heat seasons around the year. That’s the reason why almost every home-owners have made a priority to design water-wise landscapes. By example getting a ride around Florida neighborhoods you can see a lot of gardens planted with different kind of palm trees and other drought-resistant species. In conclusion the little water requiring landscapes are commonplaces in this region.

There are many homeowners that think having a water-conscious yard is replicating a dry and arid appearance in their landscapes. Practically they are eliminating the green color from their gardens. But that’s not necessarily true. With some tips and design skills you can have a paradise landscaping design made with a good selection of drought-tolerant plants and palm trees.

Next, you will see various examples of plants and trees you can combine smartly to make a little oasis inside your own yard landscape project.

drought tolerant plants guide basic

The best shade drought-tolerant trees

You know shade trees are a basic landscape component in the Florida region. They provide a relief from the high temperatures in summer and the warmer seasons. Also help for reducing the energy needed to cool all your house. And also they become a focal point in the middle of a beautiful garden design.

Tipu trees

These are a one-size-fits-all kind of tree. Their growing cover around medium to large structure . This caractheristics make them an attractive kind of shade trees providing a soft-green foliage and cinnamon-colored bark.

Another representative shade trees are the Chilean Mesquite and the Fruitless Olive. If you want to learn more about the  drought-tolerant plants guide contact us and make an appointment.

drought tolerant plants guide tipu

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