Mulch and Compost Differences

It’s very important to have clear Mulch and Compost Differences.  Each one has an unique use for the soil needs. If you want to improve your landscape you need to read this post. A well-dressed lawn has a lot of layers made with various materials. so, it’s built the environment with healthy growth.

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First ¿What is the topsoil?

It’s the layer of humus between the surface and the subsoil. Before the topsoil was deep, rich and organic layer. Today is a thin, inexistent, scrapped and eroded material with the passing of time. Now the topsoil becomes an inert subsoil.

The mulch

Mulch is made to apply to the surface and discourage weeds. Also provides shade and reduce moisture loss through evaporation. You can use as mulch materials like bark, wood chips, shredded yard waste and saw dust. But unless manufactured by a state composting facilities, finally this isn’t compost, either. Fresh wood mulches can compete with plants for nutrients. Uncomposted organic materials can contain weed seeds, untreated pet waste and lawn chemicals. 

The complete process of composting breaks down many pollutants and kills weed. compost can make and excellent mulch for holding moisture and shading roots from the summer sun. Any flying uninvited guest can be easily removed if you have a good compost component. This makes part of the maintenance routine. If you mulch with compost surely the worms will rebuild the topsoil without the help of the expert gardener.

The compost

This is the product that results from the aerobic biodegradation of the plant and animal matter. This means that is the combination of air components with organic ones. When we talk about compost we are talking about the soil amendment. the compost completes the soil feeding cycle. this works with the returning of organic material to the soil. It will make a stronger generation of ornamental food and fiber crops.

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