Landscape Contractors Questions

Yes, we understand you. You want to start your landscape project. So you want to bring the best garden design for your palm trees, but you don’t know how to choose your installer. There are several question you should do to the installers prospected, so you will be sure you are hiring a company you can trust to do the job well. You must have a provider that answer properly every landscape contractors questions. Then you will have the chance to growing a palm tree in beautiful conditions for the years to come.

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Frequent questions for your potential palm tree installer

Where do they come your palm trees from?

If you get locally grown palm trees, surely they will be more acclimated to the weather in your area. The local growers and installers will be very familiar with the needs of your palm trees once they will be installed.

Who can I contact if there are problems?
landscape contractors questions problems

Be sure to obtain the information for your company’s foreman, owner, installation manager, or whoever you need to contact if there is an issue during or after the installation.

What can I expect from the schedule of the crew into my property?

First of all, ask for a rough schedule of when to expect your installers and landscape crew to arrive and leave each day for the duration of your project.

landscape contractors questions property
What maintenance and what services will you provide to may palm trees?

Ask your installer if he will perform the post-installation maintenance of your palm tree every year or if you need to separate maintenance company. In addition, request information on what kind of homeowner maintenance is required and when it’s necessary to schedule trimming. your installer should be informative and helpful in making sure you get all the complete information you need for your tree cares.

These were some of the most common questions you must ask to a landscape contractor before hiring. If you want the best advisory, please call us.

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